Hello Everyone,

We are back from our long break, and boy do we have a lot to share!  We know  everyone is wanting to understand what this new energy we are in is all about; however, we feel we need to go backwards to the very beginning and explain how we got to where we are right now.

While we were on our hiatus, we had many experiences that pulled things together.  We would like to take it slow and explain all the pieces of this vast puzzle that we have.  Some of this has been covered briefly in our articles, but if we went into great detail there, one article would turn into a book.

This information will not be for everyone and we understand that.  Our intention is not to influence or change minds, but instead we are bringing to the table what we have experienced and received through our inner knowing.

Both Andrea and I believe in doing continuous inner alchemy to keep our bodies as clear as we can so what we do experience can be conveyed in a clear and concise manner.

We hope you enjoy the show.  Here is the link for you to tune in.



Click here for the link to join the show

Love to all,

Lisa and Andrea



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