Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to announce that we are working with the website, TheKindomWithin to share our articles.  I am a guest writer on this site along with many other amazing authors.  The information provided on this page is incredible.  Enjoy and check it out.  Click on the link provided to take you to the site.

KingdomWithin CLICK HERE

Lisa Rising Berry

10 thoughts on “Kingdom Within

  1. Hey Lisa, I saw his website, interesting stuff but what’s funny is he looks like Jeane Claude Van Dame, and his name is Jeane Claude….LOL, I had to look at his photo over and over but seriously, if that is his real photo, he is a spittin’ image of him and his name is the same less the Van Dame so……..I was wondering if he is for real…LOL, you know my spiritual antenna went off…anyway, this is so cool! ❤

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      1. I know he is not the actor, I just thought it was funny that he has photos of Jeane Claude Van Dame and just wondered why his name was the same…so just thought he wasn’t the real deal as facebook most put photos of themselves or their kids…anyway…I was wondering about who he is, and was that his real name, and so on…you never can be too sure about facebook, but cool that you will be doing articles for his website, I had looked at his website and is a different feel than his facebook page and it’s cool. LOL, you know me, I gotta investigate these days. Let us all know when he posts some of your work! BIG HUGS! ❤

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      2. Yea…I don’t know his real name. I think he is just using the Jean name to remain anonymous. He has been posting my work for a year now. If you go under guest writers I have my bio and my articles there, as well as a link to this site. It’ really cool what he did for me. Love you lots!!!!!!!

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    1. Your welcome Arthur aka Jean…sometimes I have this synical mind….well not sometimes, all the time! I still have my warrior suit on…LOL. So Sir Arthur it is and thanks for letting me know. I will be checking out more of your site as I get time! 😉

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  2. And Thank You for paying attention..btw, I am Nancy aka thankyourmuse since you gave us your real name, I will do the same, Sir Arthur ‘Curtsy’. and ‘deep bow’/

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