The 4 elements of Alchemy….Salt, Sulphur, Mercury, Azoth
I. SALT is matter, and is alchemically represented by a circle that has a line directly through the middle.
“Ye are the salt of the earth.” – Matthew 5
II. MERCURY, also known as quicksilver is not physical mercury. Mercury-Hermes is the messenger of the gods. Mercury represents the sexual energy.
“Praise God, because without mercury, there would be no hope.”
“God is not the God of the dead, but of the living” – Matthew 22:32
We are “dead” because we waste and abuse the sexual energy (chi, our vital power: mercury)
III. SULPHUR represents the fire in every existing thing: the fire of life.
“Without phosphorus (Sulphur) there would be no thought.” Jakob “Moleschott
Azoth is the amazing and mysterious element, because the majority of humanity has never ever experienced it. Azoth emerges from the first three elements when the conditions are right. When the first 3 are complete and balanced, the the AZOTH fires are ignited. It is the same as lighting a match, you need the right conditions.
Right now this fire is beginning to emerge in humanity, and most are not ready for. AZOTH IS THE NEXT STEP IN OUR EVOLUTION! In the past,  Azoth was very hard to obtain, but now it is being ignited in people to force this shift from within. It is time for the next step. It will destroy some lives, and it will uplift others. It just depends on how balanced the first 3 elements are in your system.
“A body have you prepared for me” Hebrews 10:5
 Lisa Rising Berry

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  1. Interesting Lisa, and I remember watching a video of Santos who explained that all those elements you mentioned came from Aether and is Aether the same as Azoth? LOL, I am confused! In my mind, I am thinking Aether and Azoth were the same thing, but now I am not sure! 😉
    LUV U…<3

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    1. No Aether and Azoth are different. Santos was talking about the four elements such as air, fire, water and wind. Not Sulphur, mercury and salt. The 4 basic elements on this planet all come from Aether or in Tibetan is called the space element and it is the 5th element. Azoth is formed from the 3 trinity elements of Alchemy. Salt, Sulphur and Mercury. I know it can be confusing!!! LOL

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      1. Thanks Lisa, yes, it gets confusing sometimes, so ‘Azoth is the new Aether’……LOL, just kidding, like Orange is the new black…LOL.
        So in this alchemical Azoth, where it comes from these elements that lights up the fire of Azoth..as in Sulphur – thought, Mercury-word (the messenger, as in sexual energy that is creative is the word is, like in the Bible and then there was the word), Salt-deed, as in our body and what we do with it, when one is ‘the salt of the earth it is understood that they are humble, would give you the shirt on their back and grounded. So interesting in the trinity of these elements and the Azoth. So this energy, Azoth…is it a higher level of alchemy than the aether which is the combination of the air, wind, fire, and water, the four directions as in the Trinity and Azoth is the alchemical product of the Salt, mercury and sulphur a higher energy from a carbon based body to a crystalline? LOL, I know, I get going sometimes and can’t stop! LOL, ❤

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      2. wooohooo….Yes. Azoth is light by the trinity of sulfur, salt, and mercury. The first step in the process is balancing all the 4 elements in your body and bringing them into one again. That one is the Aether, where they all came from. I just added more fuel to the fire that I did not include in this article. LOL

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  2. Ok Lisa…LOL, here I go again!!! I was watching a documentary about the pyramids and other sites around the world, don’t know why but guess cuz it said SECRETS of the pyramids, thought I would learn something new, BUT anyway, they spoke about the Golden Number which is represented by a zero or O with a line down the middle vertically. So, this sparked my interest in seeing if the Golden number was the same as the alchemical symbol for Salt. So the symbol for salt has a horizontal line and the Golden Number a vertical line but relates to PI and the locations of the pyramids and sites all over the world
    It’s interesting because the image for alchemical sulphur is either a triangle with a cross on the bottom, or a Leviathon cross with the figure 8 laying horizontially. You can see that here on the symbology dictionary: http://symboldictionary.net/?p=1080
    A symbol for the alchemical element Sulfur, (Brimstone) which is spiritually analogous to the human soul. Alchemically, sulfur has the qualities of masculine, hot and dry. Combined with Mercury (feminine, cool and moist), the pair were considered the parents of all metals.
    The alchemical symbol for Mercury is sort of interesting too, looks like a cross with an unfinished figure 8 sitting upright, of a cross, with a circle on to with a half circle on top of that….almost similar to an Ank but not…anyway, thought that was interesting as I watched the significance of the pyramids (trinity or triangle) and the golden number, even though the pyramids are four sides instead of three…I found it interesting how my mind kept taking me to the alchemical symbols and the triad of Azoth with Salt, Sulphur and Mercury…What would be the Alchemical symbol for Azoth? Thinking the figure 8 would be in there but interesting to ponder…
    See? Azoth is the new Aether! LOL…now I am done….LOL ❤

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    1. WOW!!!!!!! Great work! I love symbols that contain more information that a book does. Azoth is shown as the infinity symbol most of the time, or the Rebis. Which is the completion of the Great Work. The first 2 letters of the name Azoth is the A and the Z. Or the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Which is ofcourse infinity. I love what you wrote, I am going to save it. LOL

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      1. Ok…well, then I was on the right track! LOL, you know me, always digging! But interesting that Mercury and Sulphur is considered the parent of the elements, and then with the soul/salt makes the trinity of Azoth, and yes, I do remember you saying something about the A and Z of Azoth, I think in your article about it! Big Hugs, and Thx for that clarification! ❤

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  3. Lisa! excellent post-thank you 🙂

    I have a question about these elements of Alchemy. I have been reading a book, “the Cosmic Pulse of Life”, Trevor James Constable, in which he talks about the four ethers of Etherian Physics: Warmth Light Chemical Life Life being a synthesis of the first three. It appears there may be a correlation perhaps? If you know of this, can you give me your take on any similarities between the two systems, or even if they are the same?


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