What you are about to read was not written by me, it was written by a very wise friend who has been on the spiritual path for a long time.  His words ring so clear to me as I watch individuals who claim to be far along on this path continue to behave otherwise.  By either living in the past, defending their ego’s, or just simply being very unhappy.   I won’t add anymore of my comments, because my friend makes the point more than perfectly clear.   So without further ado, please enjoy the wise words of  Raz Iyahu

~ To the Adepts of the Path~

So many self proclaimed ‘Adepts’ of the Occult around here; then why so many unhappy, miserable, murmuring people?

Isn’t the path about freedom from the lower egoic self, not more of it?

Our words and actions say volumes about the efficacy of the path we claim to follow and the mastery we have over ourselves.

An adept should be kind, patient, understanding and joyful because they have risen about the child-like attachments and residual ‘selfing’.

Free of the little ego?
Untangled from the mind-stream?
Released from childish backbiting, negative speech and creating silly dramas?

No one should be forced to ask such a question to practitioners, “Are we still like little children here?”

Shouldn’t the ones that have been on the path the longest and proclaim their lofty knowledge also be the ones that also set the highest example of peacefulness, blissfulness and a disconnection of their egoic identity – freely giving and earnestly patient with others who have not yet realized these fundamental principles?

Adepts reflect inwardly.

Why do I feel aversion to this comment or situation?
Why do I feel the need to react, why am I defending, who am I defending?

Adepts perfect themselves constantly, this is the work of the path and not many really do it; they just enjoy hearing themselves say they do.

Adepts are first to turn the mirror around. First to work within, not outwardly. This is the most basic foundation of the path, so how is it so quickly forgotten by all the experts around here?

If you’re a real Adept of the path then bear your good fruits in your thoughts, speech and actions toward others and let’s see how much mastery you have over your real enemy, you.

Written By: Raz Iyahu

Thank you Raz for such timely wisdom,

Lisa Rising Berry

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3 thoughts on “~ To the Adepts of the Path~

  1. Yes…there are many who will claim to be at the top of the spiritual soul train, but have forgotten that being like a child is the way, to see the illusion and the ego for what it is. Children can look at the world with mystery and wonder, and are happy to not know but to explore. If most spiritual leaders didn’t sit on their mountain of knowledge and looked thru the eyes of a child, there would be more living from the heart and innocence of wonder and joy. Perhaps the knee jerk reactions to other’s ego trips are just the clue to hop off that particular spiritual soul train and watch those egos fly away, because I would rather be at the train station, the heart and hub of the spiritual journey to choose the one that comes without promises, without dramas, without dogmas, and just enjoy the ride! 🙂

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  2. Thanks, dear Lisa, for sharing.

    The real enemy is not I, or us. It is the ego mind; our ego mind.

    I believe it is important to make a distinction because we are not our thoughts, and we are not what comes out of our mind–fortunately!

    Love & much Light

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