The following article was written by my very good friend Luiz Guilherme Letti. We were discussing the Astrological aspects of the recent Paris events and why “they attacked” when they did. It doesn’t matter if this was a false flag event or not, due to the fact we are dealing with a energetic attack. I was so impressed with his analysis, that I asked him to write a paper on it. So, please give a warm welcome to our guest author, who is a very talented, up-coming Astrologer……. Luiz Guilherme Letti.


First, please, to have a good look into the interpretations open up this the astrological chart provided by this site:

The main points I want to bring up are:

  • The ascendant falling in Gemini and the moon in Sagittarius.
  • The Sun in Scorpio and the energy of the 13 th.
  • Mars entering the 00 degree of Libra on November 13 th 2015.


gemini-and-sagittariusIn a psychological astrology we would say that the ascendant is the project of the human soul, the physical body or the cover of the book. Transferring those analyses to a higher level we can say that the ascendant, in a larger scale represents the projects that can occurs by the day. The ascendant of Paris’s attack fall at the last degree of Gemini and the descendant falls at Sagittarius. Gemini represents the twin brothers who are always fighting to each other and Sagittarius the Centaur the point to beyond the boarders – by this symbols we get the idea of what is beyond our frontiers. The moon represents the people of a certain nation, the fact that it falls right at the beginning of Sagittarius confirms that the attacks were made by a foreign nation. We saw the confirmation given by the State of Islam but be aware to the ascendant – the State of Islam is not acting along – the twin brothers are there and it’s a friendly nation to France playing behind the veil. Moving on…


The ruler of the ascendant (Gemini) is the planet MERCURY who is in conjunction with the SUN in Scorpio. The SUN symbolizes the self and in our large scales the planetary consciousness of the moment. Mercury points out to our mind and the mind is a completely different thing from consciousness. Scorpio energy in a rational sense means nothing else but DEATH. The combination of Mercury (the mind) and the Sun (Consciousness) is related to the awareness of Death (mind and physical body). Scorpio is demanding for us to see Death face to face along with destruction or violence that comes with it. In the Tarot deck the card related to Scorpio is the card of Death and it’s number is 13th! Keep that in mind. Scorpio in a lower vibration point out to envy, revenge, poisoning, shadow, fear and hate! Since the attacks I see people dragging themselves into this sort of energy yet many of them are not aware of the dying energy of the sun and the passing thought this sign. Keep aware because their purpose is to unleash this kind energy into the ground for they have let frozen the energy of love.

Scorpio has two ruling planets PLUTO and MARS! Firs let me talk about Pluto, Pluto in mythology is Hades, the lord of the underworld –Pluto is considered the height octave of Mars both are related to instincts and survival. Pluto signalizes to our underground consciousness, what is berried in our unconsciousness mind – the unhealed felling – our inner wombs – ours deepest scars that have not yet come to our consciousness yet – they are there. The hate is to deep and to condensed – tackles time to bring it forth. Right now Pluto in Transit in Capricorn – Capricorn in our body are our bonds, our constitution, it is responsible for condensed matter – for constructions brought from the ground- for countries and nations structures! It’s the solid Earth! Everything that is concrete! Pluto forms a tense aspect with Uranus in Aries called quadrature. Pluto is squaring Uranus.

uranus and plutoURANOS along with PLUTO is a bomb ready to explode at any time – since the beginning of this aspect astrologers have being alerting to bomb explosions or revolutionary acts that would lead to the fall of the Nation. In a part this aspect is responsible for awakening process and the will to find out hidden truths berried by the States or ruling orders. URANOS has to do with ideological movements along with Pluto – ideological wars over the States! URANOS was discovered during the French revolution and it brought to Earth by several deaths the sense of Liberty, Equality and fraternity. Yes, the revolutionary slogan of Libertè, Fraternitè et Equalitè were felt under the lights of URANOS. That’s why URANOS has to do with pure ideology and on that we can include, religion and political witch are reflections of and ideal world. On the chart Uranus is right on the Middle Heaven – the high point of the chart and that activated the whole cardinal cross (formed by the signs of Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer!) and a cardinal energy in a energy of impulse that lead the armed bomb of Pluto-Uranus quadrature to explode. The shadows of Scorpio is demanding mankind to see the shadows of the French slogan. Is that a true Freedom that those people are leaving? Is France Fraternal to the nations of the world (the ascendant in Gemini can tell you the answer). Furthermore – does France treat its citizens and visitors in a true equality? The history is obligating France to pay for they karma demanding the world to see their shadow. Yet another movement that day activated the Grand Cardinal Cross – the enter of MARS into the sign of Libra right on the November 13 th.


mars libraMars entered Libra by the afternoon of November 13 th 2015. Mars is the warrior – the ruler of Aries and Scorpio (where Uranus, Mercury and the Sun are making a directed influence). The original house, or domicile of Mars is Aries – the place where the warrior is feed by Fire, by action, recalling healthy their enemies to solve problems. In Libra Mars is exiled – far away from home – he does not know how to do it with air, he does not know to fight with arguments, he only know how to fight with weapons. Air energy deals with the words, and the elaborative process of thinking. Mars want’s to go to action and not stay stuck with speech or the argumentative speech of some kind of ideology. Here mars is unprovided of the IUS BELLUN (right of war),the ART of WAR – he will practice inverted acts such as piracy, counter action, violence without purpose, terrorist, fanaticism or any kind of coward acts because – only on Aries he can be the Brave warrior, with honor and Dignity). Libra has to do it JUSTICE – the balancing plates of the Scale. It’s the Judgment point, the place where it Judges the Sun. Mars – activating the sun in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries – will claim ideologically for Justice reinforced by Hate and Envy over nations. Mars is in conjunction with the North node, the nodes are responsible for the Dharmas and Kharmas – and will cowardly demand the world to see the shadows of all the false ideologies implemented over mankind! That sounds like a religious speech right? Beyond the veil of interests religion is playing it’s role and that will lead to another crusade of ideology.

Coincidentally or not Mars entered the sign of Libra on the black Friday 13th witch lead us to the symbolism of the Tarot Card, the Scorpio Energy and the curse of the Templar’s took in place in France year ago. I does not matter if the Templar’s were killed on October or November, they were killed on the 13th and I explained the symbology already, I will not enter into the knights Templar’s curse for my Friend Lisa who have wrote about it brilliantly. Even if the date would be randomly chosen the attacks would have reflected those astrological alignment but, look again … they are smart enough to let pass that special synchronicity – the damage would be guaranteed and the attack will continued along with the activation of the Grand Cross (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn). And yes – of course they have pick up a date to unleash black magic energy and it will continue along with Scorpio energy is assuring death, war and destruction.

They” want you to be dragged in by hate, willing to kill and revenge over a State to fulfill they interests and yes, no state is acting alone, rest assure of that! They have to sacrifice for their power keep rising stronger on the sign of Aries along with the Sun. Rest to us understand, correlated and connect the messages related here witch drive us to the consciousness of the self (sun). What are our roles into this mass destruction? If Scorpio is demanding us to see our SHADOWS, and that will include our hate over ISIS, Palestine, Religion, The Illuminates, Templar’s, whatsoever rest to us stop for a moment and do our inner work. It’s a true pity that we yet have to lose lives to see how hate plays and destruct love. By this time we have to bring to our consciousness the unconsciousness felling and alchemize than into love energy for we can only be light but first, we must recognize ours shadows berried deep inside. Once said Jung: One does not become enlightened by imagining figure of Light, but by making darkness conscious. Do not allow yourself be poised by hate. The world is already full of it. We have the signs telling us their purpose – be aware!


Luiz Guilherme Letti.

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5 thoughts on “Astrological Interpretation for Paris Attack and the Symbolism of Nov. 13th.

  1. Thanks Lisa, that is very interesting, especially the grand cross, and the knights of Templar’s symbol they wore on their chest. I know this was their ritual massacre that is black magic, but I have a feeling that they will fail, because that sort of energy doesn’t work anymore like you said in your earlier article. But definitely think that like he said about the shadow and that negative event that happened over 700 years ago, is something they wish to keep going in minds of the masses. Very interesting! ❤

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  2. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. I was unable to see this one per the message below. If you can, I would like to read it if it can be formatted differently. I have had no previous difficulty.

    Warm Regards Marybeth

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