I decided to put out a short article on the Paris attacks.  While I was in Mystery School, I had the honor of being initiated, on an energetic level into the Templars.  Does this mean I can in my female body knock on their temple door and say I am a member?  No…  But since our souls are energy and not bodies, it is different on the Astral.  I have worked with them on the unseen realms removing the Astral and Etheric puppet masters that were here on the Old Time Line

What I find very interesting is that yesterday was the anniversary of the Friday 13th massacre of the Knights Templar which occurred in France as well. My intuitive senses tell me there is a correlation between the two. So far I “feel” the “Powers That Were”, which are on their way out, attempted a ritual in the same location they did 708 years ago in the same country. They attempted a sudden release of traumatic soul energy to control and work for them. Which it did not work. Right now we are dealing the Physical Archonic forces. The unseen puppet masters are gone and they need new recruits. This type of severe darkest black magic doesn’t work in this new energy. So, nice try, but even the most evil attempts are now outdated and don’t work in this new paradigm of energy.

These Physical Archons have body cell memory of being about to use black magic to control anything they want.  They can see it doesn’t work anymore, but that will not stop them.  The physical bodies they are in are literally programmed to fight to the end.  So, it does not matter to them if they don’t achieve the result they wanted.  They are just as happy to scare the pants off the general public.  As I have said in my previous articles…you MUST do your inner work for your own personal sanity at this time.  We are going to see alot of Harry Potter bull crap attempted.  They will begin to use old occulted knowledge in a last attempt to control this new uncontrollable new reality.  None of it will work, but it will look scary as hell.  Inner work teaches you that fear is not who you are, your thoughts are not who you are, your body is not who you are.  You are soul energy that has never been born and therefore can never die.  Do not jump on the fear bandwagon or it will take you down a deep rabbit hole that will be hard to climb out of.

Also it is the number 13 that is in play here…in my humble opinion. Since most people stick to a linear calendar and not the energy of the numbers, this could be missed, as they were actually killed in October and not November.  But this is just my intuitive insight on this. Take was resonates an leave the rest. Also….they waited because…Mars just entered the sign of Libra yesterday…and that means coward wars or reaction claiming for justice!  Thanks to my friend Luiz Guilherme Letti for the addition astrology information that really brought this together as to why they waited for November instead of the October date.

I did find the following article a bit interesting, click on the link to read.

The Knights Templar Shows How to Fight ISIS and Win

Stay in center of your own being, that is your inner safe spot,

Lisa Rising Berry

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26 thoughts on “Knights Templar’s Connection To Paris Attacks

  1. Hi Lisa-I just began reading your articles and I love them. They seem to validate a lot of what I feel and also open up new and exciting pathways for me! Just wanted to say hi and thank you.

    have a wonderful day~Hilary Wagner


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  2. Excellent insight and post, Lisa!

    Rather coincidentally (NOT!) I was just watching a recorded show on the history of the Knights Templar from the History Channel the day before yesterday. The significance of the “Friday the 13th” date jumped out at me just as it did you. I also found it rather interesting to note that the Templars were arrested and slaughtered in France in 1307. Another “coincidence”? Hardly.

    I find the games that the “posers that were” will play are simply amazing. It seems clear that they’ll do absolutely anything–to anybody, to further their own twisted agendas.

    I actually posted some similar thoughts about the topic on my blog back in February:


    It’s well past time for the bulk of humanity to wake up and understand that WE are the ones who hold the true power here. WE (whom some refer to as the 99%) are the ones who will create our own collective future–but we can only do this when we STOP allowing the psychopathic 1% to manipulate and control us through deception and fear.

    If we are to create the truly peaceful future that the vast majority want to see, we’ll need to stop listening to “the posers”, feeding into their mad pop-culture drama mills and consumer state, and stop believing everything the news and those with self-proclaimed authority tell us.

    The Truth is inside us.

    Let’s react from a place of Compassion, Peace, and Love instead of the fear, hatred, and anger that others are trying to ram down our throats.

    Now is the time to STOP being afraid. Together we can do this.

    With Love,


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  3. Hi Lisa, Very insightful. I enjoyed your’s and Andrea’s article yesterday, and I thought to myself while reading it,”hum I wonder what the girls are making of this attack” ,as by the time I got home to read your post it had been several hours after it happened. I too felt this “attack” was something “else” and was even curious if Dr. Atkins would post about it on his twitter feed,(as of last night nothing). Regardless, glad you spoke to the subject as now I don’t feel “so alone” in thinking that there is more to this than meets the eye. I also feel that all the destruction of the ancient sights and documents is another way they are trying to work their “dark magic” as well. Hell,even an episode of Ancient aliens addressed this (although they stated things differently I was surprised that even got out into the public) Any thoughts on this dear Lisa? Anyways glad that I have confirmation as well from you that this is “something else” and yes it is very scary and sad, but these are last desperate attempts and hopefully soon this will come to a stop as the new energy becomes stronger and we do the inner work and transcend (not sure the right word here??) into this new paradigm. Either way am holding my little world in the light as best I can. BTW totally off subject, but loved the interview w/Laura Eisenhower. Never had heard of her before and wowee oh wow. What ever mojo the 3 of you had together really helped me cross over into a new shift of thinking/reality. Am still processing it all, but I keep going back to the interview and re-listening to it. I’ve tried to access more of your shows on astrotheology,but the link doesn’t work to the archives (or at least I can’t seem to access it) so glad you are getting them uploaded on youtube. Ok I’ve rambled enough here. Thanks again for posting what you “see” in the astral and standing in your truth. Have a great weekend

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  4. Yesssssss, so much what you stated here is true, as they work their old black magic, and try to keep the masses in fear for their food…..I hope that the reaction of those in charge in Paris do not go into fear mode and let their fear mongering work. Everyone knows that this group was made and funded by those that wish to keep the old energy going. At least I know, and hopefully the masses will catch onto the problem, solution, reaction agenda and the divide and conquer roles these Archonic minions keep practicing.
    It’s funny that just after you posted your article, and I had mentioned the negative history of the Knights of Templar and their Friday the 13th negative anniversary date, that attack happened in Paris, of all places, I was not aware it was the same area that it had happened before, and is an Illumanati agenda in that they have said they would avenge the massacre that happened so very long ago.
    As for the other significance of the number 13, was doing some research on it, and found lots of references to this number besides the divine feminine, as in ‘the thirteen steps in the Rosicrucian practices, but could not find anything in reference to this number in the Quran like on the previous article a guy had commented on. But it is interesting to note that the number 13 is prevalent in the illumanati structure as in the 13 families in their bloodlines.
    It has become glaringly obvious, that while they still continue with the old black magic, they are trying to erase history in our culture, as they have done before when they burned down the library in Alexandria. And then humanity scrambles to put the pieces back together of our history and culture, mostly by speculation and some dogma. I looked up this book of Knowledge and it is interesting stuff, but appears to be more of a cosmic unification program that states the more you read the book, the more you will become a part of the system of the new age, and that by the 30th century, we will have the golden age. I could not find the significance of the number 13 in my search but it states God as Allah, and my mind turns off to giving God a name, because most of these Gods are ‘gods’ with a little g to me. That book gives me the feeling as the same energy as the Urantia book, while very deep and interesting, the Urantia book, I feel was written by E.T.’s in that they seemed to be very jealous of the fact that humanity has so much power yet we don’t use it because we are unaware of our power. I know we are sparks of the divine, and in our way of creating this reality, with our thoughts, is how the black magic is able to create it’s negative agenda by keeping us in fear.
    There is an interview with Cory and David Wilcock about how they use our thoughts by putting their agendas in movies, and I have always said they do this, one only has to pay attention, it is the seed they plant and then they sit back and wait for their agenda to pan out thru our thoughts they created with their black magic chaos theory, and how that is how they must do to make their order out of chaos.
    Ok….LOL, writing a novel here….I will still be researching this 13 thing and I would love to hear how this relates to what is said in the Quran but it is also in many other religious texts….I feel a lot of it was to cover the divine feminine energy anyway, and sort of reassign meaning to this energy….as we have been in the masculine patriarch energy for this cycle.
    LOL, I am doing it again!!!! LOL, anyway, ponder away here, have a blessed weekend dear Lisa, and await some of your insights on this as well! BIG HUGS ❤

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    1. Oh, and one more interesting thing I read about the number 13 that the mosques being built here were to have 13 floors…now isn’t that fascinating when we all know that a lot of places don’t include a 13th floor…quite interesting! 😉

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  5. Thanks for sharing, dear Lisa. This is the second time in two days that I read about a connection between the Paris attacks and the massacre of the Templars in 14th century France.

    Which shows that history -and it all that in entails- may come back to haunt us, at just about any time.

    I assume it works the same for the Dark and for the Light, that I would rather call these days, The Sacred Feminine.

    Love & much Light my dear

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  6. It’s even stranger than you think. THe Knights Templar were considered the Leaders and the funders of the Crusades. Their European headquarters–Templar Paris- is still a historic tourist attraction and is whithin two city blocks of the Bataclan Theatre and in the same 33 Aggrandizement of Paris as the other cafe attacks. Also, just down the street is the very bridge ( Pont Neuf) where the KNights were burnt at the stake on Friday the 13th

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    1. Thanks, Tom,

      Yes, this is pretty amazing – so many things from the past coming back to “haunt” us so to speak.

      Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Templars, who was burned in 1314, made a prophecy that within a year, both the King of France and the Pope would transition — and they did, amazingly.

      These Templars definitely had vision and a high degree of spiritual achievement.

      As for the city of Paris, it has 20 “arrondissements” (or districts) and I believe the Bataclan is located in the 11th.

      Have a lovely day, Gilles

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