This is actually part 2 of my last article….

disapear The biggest point I would like to make is this wave of energy did not disappear and just vanish.  It did not come in and go out.  This is not how energy works….it is all about alchemy and transmutation.  It has evolved and is now at a higher level.  I went into great detail about this never-ending process.  Here is a link to Part 1.  WAVE X (AZOTH) HAS SHIFTED INTO A NEW ENERGY FORM…INFINITY TAKES ON NEW MEANING.

Those who think this current wave is gone and over are not at the frequency to feel it any longer.  So to them it is gone, but only because they are no longer able to feel it.  When a new frequency arrives on our planet everyone will feel it at first; however, in order to keep it alive in your body, you have to earn it and raise your vibration to match what you have just received.  If someone vibrates at a lower frequency, they will think it has gone.  It hasn’t gone – it is waiting for them to vibrate at its level.  Many people are going through the Wave X/Azoth hangover let down.  And with every increase from now on they will go through the same thing until they learn to do the necessary inner work. They will feel the next increase…ride the wave, and then fall off, because they cannot keep up with it because it vibrates too quickly for them. To summarize, when this energy comes into a person’s body they will feel it right away, and it will change them to a point that is equal to their own personal level.  If a person is below the level of vibration of the energy that just came into them, that energy will lie dormant within them until they vibrate at it’s level.  This just happened with the Azoth/Wave X energy, and it is happening now with the Monoauah energy.

What can someone do to prevent this roller coaster of energy waves and stop the feeling of a letdown after each increase?  It is simple and not very exciting. It is not filled with sensationalism about implant removals, ET abductions, AI technology, demonic possession etc…    These topics were dealt with on the old inorganic timeline and do not exist in the energetic location that we are currently in.  There are, however, people who are actually experiencing these things, so I do not want to make light of that fact.  I don’t want to say their suffering is wrong or made up.  But on an energetic level they are not in the right location, and it is what they have chosen to do.  Lisa Gawlas uses the filtered Earth and non filtered Earth explanation, which I like because that is what I “see” as well.

2-earthsEnergetically, the filtered Earth, is where the people are who cannot handle the full effects of the new Azoth/Wave X energy, and they certainly cannot handle the Monoauah energy that I wrote about in part 1.  So they are in a different version of Earth where they are experiencing things that do not exist anymore.  The amount of new energy is highly filtered there at a level that they can handle.  I assume these people still need to work out issues within themselves by continuing to fight the Astral war that is definitely over.  For some reason they are not able on an emotional level to accept that it’s time to move on to the new.  Perhaps it is ego and wanting to feel special or feel like the chosen few.  But it is sad.  They will not be left behind permanently.  As soon as they increase their vibration, the more of the new energy they will be able to hold, and then they can access the frequency of the non-filtered earth.

This is where you are truly living in your heart taking full command of this new energy, and you are clear.  You do not have implants, entity attachments etc.  You vibrate at a level where “they” can not live.  You are not an energetic target on the non-filtered Earth. It is not possible.  A person realizes the most important thing at this time is inner growth, for this is how we evolve as a group, as a society and as a species.

I actually spent time on the Astral level going between the two energetic versions of Earth.  I saw and experienced what is going on there.  I wanted to help those who are still thinking they are being attacked and are stuck in the old energy.  There are so many there.  But what I found was that I could not do it any longer.  I am not on that path, and I need to stay where I belong. There is nothing I can do for them.  I cannot even help someone in the physical who is stuck there.  They get angry and defensive because their experiences are real, and they can’t feel a thing I am saying.  It truly is like they are on a different planet from me, but I can see their bodies.  So, I made the heart wrenching decision to let them go.  It was at this point that Andrea and I decided to take a break from recording our show, Rising Frequencies.  We will never do a show on the past issues that I have mentioned because we are beyond that. We know it is over.  We experienced those things when they were real and have moved on.  It is just not where we are on our spiritual path, so we needed to step aside.  This is true for all healers…you will find people that you absolutely cannot help.  It’s like it is not allowed anymore. They have to help themselves and make the shift.

alchemeistI cannot stress the importance of simple inner alchemy….it is not hard.  I understand that most people do not know what inner alchemy is.  We in the West are not taught any of this.  So I want to share my favorite video that will clear so much junk from your energy field.  It is taught by Tenzin Wangal Rinpoche, and you learn to purify yourself through mantras with  ancient sound vibrations.  It is in the Tibetan Bon Tradition which is about 18,000 years old and extremely powerful.  This stuff works. All we have to do is fit it into our schedules.  We are at a time where we can not afford to do this. Our future depends on this.  Clearing the mind of its gunk and goo is how we will keep up with each energetic increase that comes our way.  We are now in the time of Knowing….and the way we know is by getting our own information.  There is no other way to achieve this other than inner alchemy.  I would suggest practicing with this video many times throughout the rest of your life. And each time you do this practice, pick a different issue to deal with.  The link to the video is below.  Click on the words Purifying your karma through Mantra below.

Purifying Your Karma Through Mantra

We really are the ones we have been waiting for.  The problem is that some of us have become our own saviors, and some of us have not.  We need to know the difference and act on the wisdom that allows us to change what we can, and the courage to walk away from what we can’t change.  Yes, the Serenity Prayer has been a help to me in the last few weeks.

I hope this new energy blesses you and brings you peace,

Lisa Rising Berry

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23 thoughts on “Energy Wave Hangover Or Letdown? How to Handle the Roller Coaster Ride.

  1. Thank you so much Lisa. This explains a lot for me. I loved the article that you did a few weeks ago about implants and I commented then as well. But this explains why I’m having some “issues” and I actually feel better emotionally right now that I have a better understanding of what is happening. I loved the part one of this piece as it was very clear, precise, such insight and beauty. I truly was impressed with what came through for you as to how/what this energy is. And just a side note, I actually was going to do Tenzin’s advanced sound healing class on these mantras in Oct. but at the last minute i decided not to because of what I thought was finances, but I must of had an inner knowing that my computer was going to crash (darn mercury retrograde!!! lol) I just got my computer back a week ago not having it for a month, but I’m so glad you added this link (as I couldn’t remember his name and I lost my data and now I don’t have to go through your posts to find it again) as I will start doing the practice as much as I can, and then look into when he will have this advanced class again. So thank you again Lisa, from an Infinity Love Goddess in training to One who already is!! lol Blessings and aloha to you and Andrea.

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    1. Hello Leslie,

      I am so happy you are doing so well!!! Which sound healing class were you going to take? Is is the one with the seed syllables? If it is, he has that series on youtube, that is where I learned it first, then I did his on-line workshop. Right now I am taking his Heart Mantra Course, and it has made the biggest difference in my life. Everything I learn from him has changed me for the better. The Bon tradition is beyond words powerful, if you take the time to actually do it. Especially when you recite the mantras out loud, they vibrate through your body like nothing else can, and they clear years of goo.

      Thank you for seeing me as “already is”. But, I will never see myself like that. Once someone feels they have reached that level of achievement, they stop growing and evolving, and the ego turns into having a….”I am the greatest” syndrome. LOL… I have witnessed this so many times, and with this new energy, all of us are prey to this. As we increase our intuition and abilities, its easy to fall into this trap. It’s something I want to write about…perhaps my next article.

      So, I would like to say, much love to you from an Infinity Goddess in constant training to the One that is right there by my side,

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      1. Hi Lisa, I like that about always evolving and in training, and I too would never think I “was” there but I guess w/your training I feel you are a bit more “evolved” than I am, however with saying that we are always on the path and learning and growing and that we are growing and learning together 🙂 Yes it was his seed mantra’s and I did find them on youtube as well and will go back to them to learn as his next class isn’t till next summer. He is offering several classes in the next few months, so will see if I can afford to take any, but with that said he seems very generous as so much of his work is on youtube. I had never even heard of him or this type of tibetan buddism until I read one of your blog posts and then listened to one of your shows where you said you might do a whole show and have us go through the seeds. Not sure if you did as I couldn’t find one. Regardless thank you for your response and am still having a hard time w/all this new energy but my hope is by following you to help guide me and also doing my own inner work things will get easier. Much love and aloha to you too

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      2. I am hoping and I can take another one of his workshops. I think he has one coming up soon. We didn’t get to do a show on the seed syllables. But I did write an article about it. I was hesitant to do a show…even though I feel solid in that practice, I am not a Geshe…LOL Much love to you! Keep in touch!


  2. Hi Lisa,
    great article, and as usual….I have questions but then again, it’s probably just that pesky ego that refuses to upgrade…LOL. I have noticed lately that society wants to get rid of the old, and bring in the new…but then one finds out that it really isn’t new, it’s ancient philosophy or a process that had already been done before so it is like living in the past, not in a negative way, because we have all heard or studied different ancient paths arriving to the same point that a lot wish to vibrate into a more harmonious existence…and this brings me to how we cycle thru our different paths, each wishing to shed the old and bring in new energy….which may be new to us, but ancient in that it’s been around forever. See? LOL, cycles upon cycles and all the ancients who went on these paths like the practices of the mantras, and the power in our words and vibrations. I am not sure why, but the whole mantra, Hindu philosophy just doesn’t resonate with me and doing meditation with their philosophy and their gods. While every one’s path is the right one, whether it be by this sort of thing, or by alchemical transmutation thru another process, it is the vibration that is the most important and getting ourselves out of victimhood, into the age of empowered creation, where everyone understands that we create our world, thoughts of the ego will always come from the fear factory, with a vibration that brings more of the same and the old way of creating, food for the negative darkness that we had cycled thru.
    I keep pondering myself why I just can’t get into the Hindu meditations and mantras, it’s like my mind just goes…NOT. Maybe it’s the whole karma thing, and in my heart, karma is an old concept, kinda like sin…LOL.
    But whatever it is…is there another meditation you can suggest that works just as effectively and vibrates the goo out of one….or should I just suck it up…take a deep breath and just listen to the meditation? LOL, I know, it’s silly, I have pondered this many times over the years, as I have tried to get into the whole Hindu thing, but then again, there must be a reason it doesn’t resonate with me. I can’t be the only one who feels like that, and wondering if you ever had a time when mantras and doing repetitive things didn’t make you feel all that good…I don’t know! Going out on a lumb here….Just asking you if maybe you know or understand this or another process or meditation that isn’t a part of the Hindu mantra thing…LOL, not that it’s wrong, mind you, Dearest Lisa, just putting it out there! You might have some insights on that! Big Hugs! ❤

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    1. Nothing new under the sun….LOL! We are returning to ancient knowledge in everything, because we fell so far from it and became dead spiritually and completely unconnected. We can not move forward into the knew when you don’t understand where the new evolved from. It is the basis and the basics. As far as the Mantra’s go, I practice in the Tibetan Bon tradition, which is the oldest indigenous practice available today. It’s about 18,000 years old, so it was around before the fall that occurred halfway through our 26,000 galactic year. It predates Hinduism and the other 5 forms of Buddhism. But all Mantra’s work the same way. They are syllables connected to parts of the human body, so when you say them outloud the vibration of them enter you body and clear many issues and gunk that you don’t need. They assist in emptying your mind, and getting it back to it’s true nature, which is empty with clear light. If this is not done, there is no room for anything else, and certainly not, true knowledge, and people are stuck in left brain thinking and analyzing. Because they have not developed the true nature of the mind and cleared it. When I receive information, there is no effort on my part, and zero thinking. This is why I have the spiritual practice I do. Bon is not a religion, or a belief system. It is a science of the mind and how to use sound vibrations with active and not active meditation to achieve a clear mind. That way I have room for information and higher levels of energy. The more mantras you say, the more clearing it does. I have a mala and it has 108 beads. One round is saying a mantra 108 times. I hit the thousands. The energy of my meditations and Mantras are held in my beads….I can see it. So when I wear them I have the energy of all of my practices around my neck….very powerful. But that is just me, I do not think like a westerner anymore. The Eastern traditions understand how the mind, body and spirit are connected, and they understand both the science and spiritual aspects of clearing all 3 and how to bring them back to it’s clear true nature…Much Love to you!!!!!!!!!!

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      1. Thanks Lisa…very well explained. I do understand the mantras and how that all works…and know how we have fallen so far and the ancients were higher vibrational. I wasn’t aware it was Tibetan, and thanks for the explanation. Yes, I understand the eastern philosophy are so much more in touch with all aspects of spirituality, and understand the western is still pushing the left brain process and fear mongering. I tried to listen to it alittle yesterday, but didn’t get very far, I will try again today. Maybe you were a Tibetan Monk in a previous life and perhaps why it resonates with you so well…LOL. Hope your day is great…Happy Born Day! ❤

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  3. Lisa, as usual you nailed it – never a truer word has been spoken! “This is true for all healers…you will find people that you absolutely cannot help. It’s like it is not allowed anymore. They have to help themselves and make the shift. There is no other way to achieve this other than inner alchemy.” To quote Lisa Gawlas ‘Holy Shift!’.. Ha Ha – things have certainly changed and we have to reassess everything. If it doesn’t ‘feel’ right anymore – let it go….
    Thanks for sharing 🙂 ❤

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  4. I agree with all those above, the article is exceptional. After reading it I did the meditation you suggested & had amazing results. I was able to let go of an attachment that I’ve been carrying for a year now & my crown chakra opened wider than it’s ever opened before. I felt buzzed all day. Yet this morning I had a lucid dream that was so strange. I was walking to a baseball game with my son. But in the dream the boy was Isaac Newton. He ran out into the street and grab something and put it in his mouth. I called him because I was afraid he would get hit by a car. When he walk back to me he had a lizard in his mouth and was trying to eat it. I begin to pull the tail to remove it from his mouth but he had bitten it off and swallowed the remainder. As we walked to the game his throat began to swell because the lizard was venomous and bit him as he ate it. Then I begin to flint back forth between being myself and being the boy experiencing his swelling and difficulty swollowing as well as helping him. By the time we got to the game he was okay and I was rather distraught that he would do something so disgusting. And by the way I do not like baseball. Have no idea what that means! But I’m sure my subconscious is trying to tell me something newly opened to me cuz of the meditation I did. Is there a technique u could recommend to help interpret lucid dreams? I use my tarot but didn’t gain understanding. Thanks for any help you can offer. Your insight is extremely amazing!

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    1. What a dream!!!! I kinda feel your dream experience is all about you and your relationship with you son. Lizards and reptiles usually represent Kundallni energy. It appears that you son is eating your energy…. not literally… but you are allowing him on a subconsciousness to prevent you from developing yours. If you were in a place you don’t like, then I would say change is in order… I don’t have a technique for figuring out dreams… It takes tons of practice. For me personally, I have 4 types of dreams and they all feel completely different to me. Even what I see and how I see it is completely different. Once I was able to find my categories and learn some symbols from old esoteric writings, I was on my way. Thanks for sharing….I hope you find your new path! Love, Lisa


    2. Very interesting dream Angelique, I agree with Lisa, and dreams can mean different things to different people as we all have our own dream symbols. In the Toltec dream symbolism, is ancient symbolism, but like I have studied dreams and symbols a lot and know it is really about what you attach to each symbol…like your son being Isaac Newton…very interesting, but who is he to you and your interpretation of Isaac Newton?
      Here are some of the Toltec symbolisms:
      Mouth – ability to receive substance
      Throat – logical mentality
      Reptiles – shortcomings
      As for the other parts of the dream, no Toltec symbolism for baseball but I also have a 10,000 dream symbols book, so if you put together what was above with the your thoughts on Isaac Newton, you might come up with some deeper meanings to your dream: The people in your dreams are often an aspect of you, as in Isaac Newton being the one who discovered gravity and was into physics, and he did a lot of other things, but in the other dream book, I found baseball:
      To see baseball in your dream, denotes you will be easily contented,
      and your cheerfulness will make you a popular companion.
      Most dream interpretations seem so vague and hard to really relate so ask before you go to bed for an answer to your question, as I have found I always get answers in my dream time….even though it didn’t make sense to me at the time, I went back over them and read them later, and thru dream symbols and my interpretation, it totally answered my questions. At the time, it was so frustrated with trying to get answers from my dreams. I could resolve things, like how to fix a dress and dream of the solutions, and have had some ESP dreams, but the symbolic dreams are the hardest to interpret so you just have to sit down and start a journal on what each thing represents to you and see if you put it all together, there might be the answer to something you had thought or questioned in the day, so sometimes dreams are like capitulation, and resolution. But very interesting dream…I have some wild ones too, so it does take some work to decrypt them…LOL.
      Good Luck!

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  5. Wow!! Much appreciated! Thank u both so much! I will meditate on what you both have suggested. Both the dream symboles & the Kundalini link. I felt an instant knowing when I read ur responses. I’m sure with these nudgings my higher self will be better able to get the meaning to my intelect in a way I understand. I’m very greatful. I feel like you’ve both helped me open a door I can now walk through. Thank you so much. Insight is so exciting & wonderful!!!

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    1. That is great, always love when we can turn the light on in the closet, so to speak. It is fascinating! Like Lisa said, do keep us posted…the answers do come and you seem like you will find them! 😉

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