reflectI am seeing a lot of people who are having deep emotional issues coming up for healing.  This energy of Azoth is also known as “fire water” and burns away what is making you sick  or unblanced.  When it does this, the issue comes to the surface and shows up “in your face,” so to speak.  At the end of this article I will give you a method to use to remove blockages or whatever else you feel needs to leave.

healerThere are many “healers” out there who make claims they cannot keep.  No one can do your inner work for you and remove an emotional trigger that is within you.  Not even God can do this.  This is why you are here…to deal with your own mind and clear your own blockages.  Healers can provide amazing support by energizing and clearing chakras, meridian alignments, ancestral healing.  Those who are advanced in their studies can do soul retrieval work, or assist when you are not properly connected to the elements, but please know that you can also do this level of work yourself with the proper knowledge.

If all it took was for us to visit our local healer and have this or that removed for us to be balanced and healed….then we would all be at the highest level of Consciousness, fully enlightened Masters with the abilities of levitation, teleportation etc…  So, please be careful when someone tells you you need to have this or that removed.
PROTECT-YOUR-ENERGYWhen someone goes into another’s field with the intent to “remove” anything, you are allowing someone else’s energy to go deep into your energetic bodies.  This includes exposing yourself to all of the “healer’s” issues he or she is dealing with.  If you think they will not leave some of “them” behind, you are sadly mistaken.  Healers do not do the healing….they let the Universal Energy flow through them, and they step aside.  The biggest mistake “Healers” make is thinking they are performing the energetic healing directly, and they attempt to enter into someone’s actual body.  Even though the client gave them permission, that is a big no no.
You never let anyone remove anything from your energy field, because that is the biggest way you give up your own power.  You remove your own issues and blockages with a qualified healer holding the space.  Your energy is your house. Be careful who you let come completely in to “remove” anything.
A good healer will tell you where you are blocked and what organ and chakra you are dealing with. Then they can provide you with the energy for you to go within yourself and heal.  They should be there to counsel you as emotional issues appear and should provide a good follow up schedule for you.  But for them to simply go in and “remove” something from you so you don’t have to deal with it, is quite frankly, dangerous.
art-of-meditation-1821Now here is a step by step process for removing anything that you do not want in your field.
1.  Go into a meditation and use your inner vision to scan your body for something that just does not feel right to you.  It will be anything that you feel is not of your balanced energy signature.  Labeling it and using your left brain to figure out what it is and who it came from is not necessary.
2.  When you find it, imagine your inner eye as a laser.  Deeply look at what you no longer want IN you.  Look closer and closer….  Simply by observing it the energy will change.  This is a scientific fact, and it applies to healing.  When something that is not “you” feels you looking at it with laser pointed focus, “it” leaves.
Here is an example from my personal experience.  From 2008-2013, I would wake up and see in my room fully solid objects floating to the left side of my bed.  They would be full color and would be part of the lucid experience I just came out of while I was sleeping.  Whatever these things were, they would follow me into this reality, or maybe they were there the whole time I was in my altered state.  Once I looked at them closely to remember every detail of what they looked like and how they moved and felt….they would fly quickly into my wall and disappear.  The wall would explode into a flashing light display.  The point is….when you consciously observe something, your observation changes its energy, which “it” does not like!  Once the energy of “it” is altered by your observation, it can longer remain in the space it was just in.
Be careful out there, and do your own inner work. No one can save you from yourself by removing anything.
You are the one you are waiting for!
Lisa Rising Berry

If you need assistance or advice with your journey, please schedule an appointment with me.  I use my clairvoyant abilities to help you remove blockages and move forward. Please read our website to explore what I have to offer.  You can also read my Bio on our page to see my qualifications.  Click here to schedule an appointment….LINK TO SCHEDULE

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7 thoughts on “Your Energy…Your house…Your Responsibility

  1. Yes, I like this because it has been our brainwashing for thousands of years…that we can’t do anything and must have someone help us or do it for us…everyone is looking for a savior, but we have the power all along…kinda like in the wizard of oz when the Good Witch tells her she had the power all along and didn’t need to go to the Wizard to get back home…once we realize that if we have issues, our body tells us thru pain or sickness and it is up to us to ‘deal’ with it and not give our power away to anyone. And it isn’t wrong to go to a healer, I get that when one is so stuck in their pain or illness that they can’t do it without help, I like how you mention that they hold space or the energy goes thru them and when I did the Reiki sessions, I always told them that it isn’t me, but the energy going thru me as a proxy for their session in what the energy can do for them or give them insights on what they need to do to get better.
    I have been looking into this Azoth divine feminine energy you spoke about before, and I wonder if you know, does this energy work with the DNA also in that it will help the DNA get back to the original codes or is it more or less like an upgrade on that? Thanks Lovely Lisa… HUGS ❤

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    1. I love how you word things….we have been brainwashed to thinking we can’t take care of ourselves…. Yes, the Azoth goes right into our DNA, and it stays there. It will activate dormat DNA as the person equals that vibration. This has actually always been the case, but some of our DNA was not for this golden age. It was for the age of pisces. Now we have access to the DNA for the Age of Aquarius. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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