we are oneI am going to tackle a topic that people will defend as if their lives depend on it.  It is the We Are One Theory, that is used constantly.  This statement is used without any real thought about it’s meaning, and if you don’t agree, then you are an outcast.  Like you don’t belong to the “group”.

headIn 2013, I was really asking the “Universe” questions about… “What is the real deep meaning of the “We Are One” theory.  I learn from experience, and I need to feel it to understand it.  I am not the type of person who believes something just because it is widely accepted as truth, or because a expert wrote a paper on it.  I also don’t buy into something just because it has been repeated over and over again.  I knew my question was a big one, so I prepared myself to receive the answer by working very hard to increase my vibration to equal the answer, which was no easy task. So, after many, many attempts to connect to the Universe/Aether/Akash, what ever you want to call it, my experience came.  I went into altered state during lucid sleep.  At first I was in just nothing…it was just empty space.  Which made no sense to me at first, then I saw a giant head and I was sucked into the center of it.  I heard a voice tell me this is what Oneness is, this is what it feels like to be ONE.  It was like nothing I have ever felt before, my heart felt like it was everything in existence.  I loved murders, all beings no matter how evil. It was too much for me to contemplate, there was no time to ask questions, I couldn’t think…there was no thought.  Within 4 seconds I received information that I can’t recall, and then I was energetically thrown out, and I woke up with a jolt.  I had only earned that precious 4 seconds, but it was enough to “feel” Oneness again, and it is NOT what we are feeling now, when we connect with each other.  We are individual souls trying to return to our home, were we came from….we left on purpose!

godWe were created in God’s image, as we came from One.  We chose to fall from that highest vibration as individual soul expressions to evolve and learn.  The goal is to ascend back to the vibration of God/Source.  We are all individual pieces of the Source puzzle.  Right now we are not “All One”.  God/Source is all one being.  But, the individual pieces…humanity….are not one….yet.  The location of where I am on my path, is not equal to someone else’s. There are so many individuals higher than me, who are closer to vibrating at Source’s level than I am.  We do not return to BECOMING one, as one, that statement is impossible.   We return as individual expressions of the One.

Once we left God/Source, our vibration dropped.  We are working hard to equal that vibration in our current bodies.  We are all connected to God/Source in our own unique way, depending on where your level of consciousness is.  But, we are all connected to each other at the same time.  I can feel another’s hurts and joys as my own.  But I feel them from my own separate soul, not from a place of being one with them.  I did that in my experience, and our incarnations here are not as “One”.  This Universe is not the only Universe in all of Source’s vast dominion where sentient beings are ascending back to becoming One.  This is the goal of the multiverse.

path into the lightOur spiritual path is an individual one, however, we are connected and we do elevate each other…be the change you want to see in world is really true.  As you increase your level, you increase all sentient beings, but not as one unit.  The one unit is God/Source, that which we are returning to.

We essentially are aspects of each other’s soul expressions, all different with uniqueness and vibration.  I am another you, but I am not you.  We are not One, right now, we are returning to Be-Coming One.  We Be Coming Home,and I look forward to my return.  All will return eventually, in their own time, and on their own path.  We are ONE planet, ONE love…enjoying this experience from individual soul aspects, which came from God, and are of God.

Onward and Upward we go, back to the Oneness of Infinity,

Lisa Rising Berry

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11 thoughts on “Our Journey Back To Oneness…Are We One Now?

  1. Wonderful post! As I understand it however, there really is no need to “return” to the One. As we are able to expand our conception of “Self”, we find that we are a part of Infinity and have never really left it. It’s like the drop of water in the ocean PERCEIVES itself as an individual drop, from the larger perspective, it and many others ARE the ocean. In a similar way, we only PERCEIVE ourselves to be individuals. This is so that God may express and experience Itself AS us.

    Now I’ll grant you that, since it appears from our very limited perspective that we are separate, our own “individual” journeys make it seem that we need to “be” or “go” somewhere else (whether it’s to experience greater separation or greater Unity). In Truth, however, we are a part of All That Is and can never BE truly separated from It.

    I “get” that this is a difficult concept to wrap one’s head around, but it gives me no small measure of comfort to remember that NONE of us, myself included, are really separate from our true Self, which IS God.

    Does that make sense?

    If not (or if you are interested, I tried to explain it once in one of my own blog posts. Maybe that may better explain what I’m trying to say:


    In any case, wonderful post…thank you for sharing it!

    With Love,


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  2. LOL…agreed! We’re all just stumbling along on our “own” paths!

    Albert, you make a very good point! When I started to understand that I could be something beyond the person in this physical body having this physical experience, it was an eye-opener. Once I better understood myself to be a Divine Aspect of Source/Creator/God experiencing Itself AS me, it all started to make sense. And it definitely takes awhile for that idea sink in.

    In response to your question, I would suggest that you consider this:

    If we really are “God” having this personal experience AS us, wouldn’t it be tough for God to feel separated if It retained full knowledge of Its own identity? I believe that’s why we have the so-called “Veil of Forgetfulness”. So God CAN experience Itself as something “other” than Itself.

    Please also understand that I mean no disrespect by referring to God as “It”. I simply refer to God that way because I feel God is beyond the limitations of gender–and is more accurately a balance of both energies.

    I think we all have different likes or dislikes, perceptions, and goals because God allows “us” to freely express ourselves through our Life choices. I also believe that we receive much guidance as we stumble along our own spiritual paths too…for one of Life’s major purposes is to support us in creating what we wish to experience as souls. I don’t think any of us are here (on this planet or visiting this page) by accident, either. It’s experiences like this that give us little “glimpses” of Truth so that we can eventually expand our understanding of Self (as Lisa mentions in her post).

    In the end, this is all a WONDERFUL adventure. And we simply cannot lose, for we are ALL Loved–equally and unconditionally.

    With Love,


    PS: My apologies for the lengthy comments…I greatly appreciate being able to share ideas and insights and sometimes get a bit carried away!

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  3. That saying…’we are one’ use to annoy me like ‘life is an illusion’….LOL, and I always got that we are one, in a sense that we are a spark of the infinite being, and like in the movie ‘The Nines’, had forgotten this, and don’t understand our power, from the amnesia. Yes the infinite loves everyone, no matter how horrible they are in this matrix, it’s creations are the threads of it’s being which is spread out like a tapestry. At this level of being, the infinite had to create a ‘space’ that allowed it to observe itself, to know itself, like a hall of mirrors…and so this is why resurrection is important as it’s not what everyone thinks it is….here is a short indepth explanation of what resurrection is about…very interesting!
    The matrix…… 😉
    What is Resurrection? – The Story of the Cosmos by Almine
    When life fell into duality, it happened in three stages:
    1. The Confinement of Space
    The Infinite Ocean of Existence expresses at all times, but when its expression becomes very specific in a certain part of its boundlessness, a space forms. This space, like a current in the ocean, behaves differently than the rest. The Infinite decided to create a very specific expression that it could study, the way the ocean observes a current within it. This brought about several anomalies that had not existed before:
    ◾The concept of space, which in turn yielded the idea of boundaries.
    ◾To maintain the illusion of separation, required focused attention. This created areas of existence that were unexpressed because of the attention directed elsewhere. This self-abandonment created addiction and obsessive focus on that which took its place – the root of all addiction.
    ◾The concept of permanence arose: the illusion that something we love can stay the same and be kept by holding onto it.
    2. Expression become Reflection
    As more and more attention is given to something, it become denser and denser. The more ‘real’ we believe an illusion to be, the more permanent presence it gets. In this way, the expression of what the Infinite was, became a dense mirror and as all mirrors do, reflected what the Infinite was not. From this more illusions arose:
    ◾The illusion of duality – the concept that more than one being can exist.
    ◾The illusion of individual freedom of choice. Appearances of the opposite behavior found in mirror images suggested that the image could do something other than what the Infinite expressed.
    ◾The concept of opposites arose. The Infinite now thought Itself to be ‘opposite’ to the current within It. The Embodiment of the Infinite formed from the area of the current within Itself.
    3. The Entrapment of Individuation
    As the Embodiment of the Infinite became surrounded by opposite mirror images, It became more and more isolated by what appeared to be a hostile environment. It saw Itself to be alone. When one believes oneself to be that which you are not, it cuts you off from your Source of Eternal Being. This aggravated the feeling of being completely alone and caused the following illusions:
    ◾When one stands between mirrors, there appears to be many of you extending into infinity in front of and behind you. This gave the illusion of one and of many.
    ◾For every action it appeared that there were infinite numbers of opposite actions in the mirrors. This created the impression of the actions of the many being more determinative than that of the one. This added to the feeling of the One being unable to effect Its environment. The illusion of being trapped and imprisoned by the ‘over-powering’ presence of the environment arose.
    ◾The feeling that the many must know more and be more capable of controlling reality arose, as did the power of numbers.
    ◾Linear progression and the illusion of linear time arose.
    What is Resurrection?
    Resurrection within the microcosm, or individual, as well as in the macrocosm, is the reparation of the three schisms that happen within our eternal being to cause a life of opposition and alienation from Source It occurs in three stages, in reverse order of how the fall of the individual into density happened.
    1. The First Stage of Resurrection:
    In the first stage of resurrection, the inner schism of the awake body (the physical) and the dream body (the soul) is healed. The master learns how to balance the feminine (receptive) and masculine (pro-active) within by living them not alternatively, but simultaneously. In doing this he or she becomes wakeful in the dream and able to feel the dreamlike quality of the awake times. This allows one to take full responsibility for the part of our existence lived while we sleep. Eventually sleep and awake states seem equally real and can be lived simultaneously. Life and death lose their claim on the master. The many become the one in this stage.
    2. The Second Stage of Resurrection
    When the inner conflict of masculine and feminine, body and soul, life and death come to a resolution of integrated co-operation, resources are released that deliver power to the master. He or she becomes able to move at will between the physical and the soul realities. The master knows the mirrors of life and death, dreaming and awakening to be equally unreal or real. They become tools of the poetic expression of his being. The mirrors between which he stands, lose their hold over him as he sees them for what they are. The key component to achieving this stage is to live with exuberant authenticity (this shatters the mirrors) and without any attachment to the reflection and opinion or judgment of our mirrored environment.
    3. The Third Stage of Resurrection
    During this stage, called the magical existence, instantaneous manifestation becomes possible as the gap between cause and effect closes (the definition of white magic). The deeper understanding of the perfection behind the appearances; the purpose of expression beyond the details, becomes apparent. The deeply mystical concept of the expresser and the expression being one becomes clear. The inner fall of consciousness becomes healed as the current and ocean remember their inseparable oneness.

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