internet-02I just had a huge aha moment about the Internet. As I look at the word for the external Internet and break it down into 2 sections as you do with linguistics, we have “inter” and “net.” Inter is really enter, and net is representative of our false web/matrix. The internet is called the web for a reason, because it traps you, just like a spider’s web. It contains you within the amount of information that is allowed. While the amount we have access to is a large amount, it does not compare to the vastness that we can tap into via our own internal technology. When we engage with the internet, we are moving INto the net of the matrix. This is a fake substitute for what we have within us naturally.

inner facebookI personally have my own internal Internet/Facebook/Skype that I use during my lucid astral dream time, and even on some rare moments, when I am fully awake. It’s a big screen that I activate from my heart. I use it all the time, and I have full memory of doing this for several years. All of humanity has this…it’s our internal technology, and it is far greater than anything we use here in 3D. I use maps, read messages that scroll across the screen, and listen to my “voice-mail!” I can even get the news as to what is currently happening on the planet on an energetic level.

heart portalThis is the difference between organic and inorganic technology, the outer and the inner, that exists within everyone. In order to “come out” into your real, God-given, organic technology and use it, you need to go within your heart space first. The sacred space of the heart is a portal, which is an opening that leads you to your “inner internet.” You have to go within before you enter into the real organic “without” spaces.  Meditation is the KEY!  This picture is a perfect example of the point I am trying to make.  When you go with-in and through your sacred heart portal, you come out and connect to the true and organic Inner-Net.  The lines you see here are what you will connect to in order to see your Internal Facebook/Internet/Voice-mail/Newspaper etc….  Essentially, this is your inner computer screen.

Right now people just use what is in front of their physical bodies, and they don’t give a second thought that it is fake and a poor substitute for the real thing. The real organic Inner-Net is also outside of ourselves, but on a higher dimensional level that we can see with our 3rd eye, just like we see our fake internet with our 3D eyes. But, again, we must go “within” our doorway of the heart first, then when we exit that doorway we are in the true organic outer world where our real information lies.

akashThis location of our true organic Inner-Net is also known as the Akash which is really Aether/Dark Matter, and at its highest vibration Azoth. Azoth is something I have been discussing for a while now. It is the substance that Wave X is made of. This energy that is currently heading our way at a rapid rate will give those who have done their inner work, the ability to easily access their own personal Inner-Net. The more inner work you do, the more Azoth/Wave X energy you will have flowing though your bodies. You will not receive more than your body can handle. So, you get what you have earned, plain and simple, and no one gets hurt from too much energy. When you have good levels of Azoth moving through you, it makes it easier to enter into your heart portal and energetically come out the other side.

cup analogyOnce we have achieved exiting through our heart doorway, the inner work must continue. This is due to the fact that the information we are tapping into via the organic Inner-Net, is only as clean as our bodies. Here is a simple analogy. Let’s say our bodies are a cup, and the information we are connecting to via our Inner-Net is a clear ball of light. Now, picture yourself pouring the clear light from the ball of energy into your cup. If your cup is dirty and has clumps of blockages in it, your information will not be as clear. If your cup is kept clean with daily washing, then your information will be clean. Perhaps this is God’s way of making sure we do our inner work, because we all want clear information without having to rely on others. This is obviously earned, no one can do this for us. I like earning my information, as it gives me great pride in a job well done. When people work for something, they are more likely to respect it and take care of it.

We are truly living in exciting times, where we are able to achieve true and organic liberation from the fake web. But, no one can do the work for us. Many will be happy using what is outside of their physical bodies instead of turning inward and using the same technology at a higher level. This is fine for now, for we are all at different points on the path. But, as our great planet increases in vibration, the fake outer technology will just slowly disappear, due to the basic fact that it can not exist in the new frequency. How much time? You can’t put a date on any energetic events, because they are all frequency based. The inorganic vibrates at a lower rate than the organic. It’s simple science, and sooner or later it will not be able to sustain its self.

wave clearSo, as you travel the web on the inorganic Internet, think about how you will travel and connect to the vastness of the real and organic Inner-Net that is there and waiting for you to open the door and walk through. As you visualize this you should be able to feel what is already inside of you because it is the same thing just at a higher frequency.



May we all never look at the Internet the same….happy surfing the wave!

Lisa Rising Berry

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19 thoughts on “Surf The Wave Of The INNER-NET And Leave The FAKE WEB Behind

  1. great article! It is difficult staying on the inside because of all the distractions on the outside: Jesus said clean the inside of the cup because this is full of dead men’s bones (not yet resurrected to the inner net):

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  2. Yes, Lisa…I love how you can do your Organic Facebook, it would be so hard for me to pick what to look at or to stop scrolling…LOL.
    You are so right about the fake internet, which some say could become self aware, with all the knowledge it has, it wouldn’t surprise me as in thie Matrix, which is already like an organic A.I. that became self aware and uses fear as it’s batteries because it doesn’t want to cease to exist. The programs, within programs and all so real and distracting from our own organic internet. It’s pretty successful, as it really can’t create, and fools us that we are disconnected from source and not powerful, as we are ding the creating. The matrix movies are so much closer to the truth than we know! Also the movie ‘The Nines’, in which was an intervention of God, and all the sparks of the divine that are creating without thinking, or being aware that this is what they are doing in response to the illusion.
    I really don’t like facebook much, but maybe I will create my ‘inner my space’. The thing I liked about my space was the ability to make the page your own…instead of a universal design, it was like my own world there. LOL…so as we are the ones doing the creating, based on this false reality, perhaps we could create our own ‘my space’ as unique as we are but free to visit other ‘my space’s Fear not, and Create responsibly….LOL
    Big hugs Lisa…hey, how many friends you have on your Organic facebook? LOL, Just curious! ❤

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      1. Ok my reply disappeared again…you probably have unlimited friends on your facebook…LOL. If you get a chance do get that movie ‘The NInes’ very profound movie and you will see it since you are a spiritual person. Big Hugs ❤

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      2. I don’t know but it seems like it’s usually my first post on your article or a first post reply…very odd, it makes me laugh and I think….well, either I repost or I copy it just in case…LOL, it’s like every time now, so it can’t be coincidence! But I just laugh and repost…. 😉

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  3. The energies are definitely getting stronger. Seeing bright light just out of sight on my left and right side. It’s funny because I keep turning my head to get a better look but its not working. This morning for the first time the light is coming down the center also.

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