3 pathsThere are 3 stages of learning and growing that we pass through on our journey back to oneness with Source/God, which is the highest and ultimate achievement.  The first is when we either explore or rely on external teachers and mentors.  Nothing is wrong with this as it is part of the spiritual path of self discovery.  The key with learning from external teachers is to maintain your independence. Learn what they have to teach you so you will master the information on your own.  The best students always outgrow their teachers and leave them to continue their journeys. And good teachers continue teaching new groups of students until they have mastered the lessons.
books_imageThe second stage of learning is where we discover the many Ancient Texts which all teach the same information but in different ways according to the culture it is presented in.  Many on the path get stuck here, as they feel they have found the highest source of knowledge, which is what “others” experienced and wrote about.  Yet reading and learning esoteric knowledge passed down from others is only one more step in your journey of discovery.
WomanPhoenix-SmThe third and highest stage is when we take what we have found and move completely to our inner space of our heart. This “inner space” is actually a portal to the true “outer” – that is real and organic Universal Knowledge/Akash.  Here is where the authors of the Ancient texts received the information that they wrote about. You have to go within before you can access the real outer. There is no other way.  In this third phase we grow our wings of the phoenix and rise above the dependency of the other two stages.  The first two parts of the path become one with the third, as we balance and use all three in perfect harmony.  As the two become one, you truly begin the inner path.
stages of scorpioThis three-part journey can be compared to the path of the Scorpio, which we all eventually travel no matter what your current Astrological sign is.  The 3 sections of this path are: scorpion, snake and finally the golden eagle.  The scorpion deals with the physical, as your teachers are in bodies.  The snake represents kundalini and higher knowledge that is found in ancient writings that teach how to raise your energy.  Finally we have the Golden Eagle, where we fly to the higher levels of knowledge, and learn how to use both the first and second experiences.
inner spiritual journeyWe are beginning a new space and time, where there will be individuals who will take that trip “inner” and come “out” into the location where our next lessons will come from.  These teachings will be new and scrutinized at first, because of humanity’s unwillingness to let go of the past and move forward into the undiscovered.
The world needs people to go deep into their inner world to bring forth new information and knowledge to our outer world.  Will you be one of them?  I bet you will be.
In lak’ech,
Lisa Rising Berry

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11 thoughts on “The Trinity Of Our Spiritual Path

  1. Yes…Lisa, very good. Those of us who are on the spiritual path, creating thru the heart and not paying attention to the illusion that is playing out before our physical eyes, but looking behind the curtain at the wizard…guess who the wizard is? LOL, and the only way out of the illusions is thru the heart…this reminds me of the movie ‘The Nines’ where he was living three lives at once…and how they did an ‘intervention on god’, the nines are us, the sparks of the one infinite being, and to know theyself, is a different joutney for each of us, but you are so right…so many levels of the ‘time loop illusion’, past, present, future…known, unknown and the unknowable, the triad, the good, the bad and the one! Anyway, love it…and this isn’t part two of the last article…right? That is coming…yes? TeeHee…I know, I am just excited to read the part two. LOL. LUV U..AS always, BIG HUGS ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Did you ever see the movie ‘The Nines’ yet? I remember somewhere you said you never saw it…anyway, if you get the chance, do if you haven’t already….that movie was so good and symbolic…I could watch it again! Already watched it a couple times…LOL ❤


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