The time is now,
To share my truth,
As an offering of light,
Love and gratitude. (Tom Lescher)

down the rabbit holeThe following article comes with a strict warning, as it’s contents are very controversial.  So, I want to apologize ahead of time to anyone that finds this information unsettling.    It is hard hitting as I get directly to the point.  I guess you would say this is not my normal light fairy writing style.  I get down and dirty and will take you down a deep rabbit hole that I personally traveled through for many years.  This information will challenge what you think you know about our reality.  What I am about to discuss in great detail occurred on the old time line….it is history, it has been resolved.  How do I know this?  Because this is part of the reason I walked into this body.  To fight a war that occurred in the “as above” reality of this planet.  You have to have “skin in the game” to win this war – meaning some of us who came here needed to have a physical body to effect the “as below” 3D world, and at the same time have a connection to the Astral/Etheric realms that are connected to the body.  Having full memory of operating in both worlds was a must, it was a requirement (still is).  If you could not be fully lucid in both locations the individual would be in danger.  I have these memories. I did this work. And I can’t keep my silence any longer.  There is too much dis-information being thrown around by individuals who were not involved, or are still stuck in the old information of the past.  They somehow do not realize that these things have been corrected, or we would not be in the energetic space that we are currently in.  What I am about to share is real, it is true and….yes, it really did happen.  But most of all….it is over.  I will not debate my information, and I do not feel the need to prove myself.  I fought in the Astral War, and as a result I am a veteran of sorts.  My information and experiences stand alone.  Coming out and speaking about this is actually the last thing I want to do.  It puts me in a position of being labeled crazy etc….  But it is a risk I am willing to take, due to the level of mis-information that is currently making its way around the spiritual circles.


Chakras-diagramaChakra Removal was an agenda created by a group of negative entities designed to create a separation between humanity and Source/God/Universal Truth.  It is how they hunted for body and souls to control.  How do animals hunt? They separate some from the protection of the pack. The individual mainly responsible for distributing this information was part of this group.  I will not say who this person is but I will say that it is not George K.  I spent a lot of time with this person.  Working with them and also visiting at their house for an extended period of time on more than one occasion.  The information about Chakra removal started around 2006 or so, and my involvement began in 2008.  I honestly feel this person was taken advantage of by these negative entities.  They were told to follow a protocol on their Chakras, and when they did, they we under their control.  Actually removing the chakras is impossible since they are electric light and we live in an electric universe.  What was done kind of put a seal over them so they were not connected to our Universe but instead connected you to this group.  The energy which flowed though people that followed this protocol was the energy of the malevolent group.  They completely belong to them.  Once someone closed their chakras in this way they would become very mentally unstable, paranoid, all in ego, and very unhealthy.  The person I worked with had all of these symptoms and more.

blackThis procedure was Black Magic, plain and simple.  Now, in order to fight this type of Black Magic, you have to become what you are fighting.  One has to know what you are dealing with, and there is only one way to do this.  You dive right in, don’t look back and have zero fear or regrets.  I did this on many occasions, as this was my job.  I was the decoy, the bait at the end of the hook.  So, I used this Black Magic on myself and sealed my precious chakras.  Once I did this the target was set.  The group had to attack me in order for the others who worked with me were allowed to intervene.  As they attacked me they were removed.  The attacks I endured were long and physically painful.  It did not take long for them to realize that we set a trap for them, and they came at me with full force with the intent to seriously injure me.   This part took many months to complete.  Eventually we succeeded and a barrier was placed around the firmament.  We now needed to trap all of the negative entities that corrupted our reality in one location.  No more running in and out for them.  The barrier also served to keep further negative beings from coming back in to save their colleagues.  Now they were the ones trapped and we (the good guys) were on the hunt.  At this time they went into hiding…knowing, if they did not do anything wrong, they could not be caught.  This did not last long.  I continued to be the bait and they could not resist, plus they were angry they were cut off from their communications and could not receive help.  They eventually decided to fight to the end, win or lose they did not care.  Surrender is not a word in their vocabulary.  This whole process that began with Chakra removal lasted from 2008 to October of 2011.  There were altercations within altercations.  They tried so many different ways to win.  Implants were one of them, but I will save that for Part II.

Sorry-Its-Over-logoWhat I want to really get across is this is OVER!!!!  There is no reason to close or try to remove your chakras.  The new energy will not support this type of activity. You will not be doing black magic on yourself anymore if you do try this, and there are no negative beings waiting to jump on you, but you will become very sick and mentally unbalanced.

Your chakras are connected to the infinity symbol that crosses at your heart center.  Do you inner work and protect yourself.  Your chakras are connected to the Alpha and the Omega of the Universe and are an extension of your physical body, as they are connected to all of your organs.  If you are having issues with your arm, would you cut it off????  I certainly hope not!  Same with the chakras.  If you are having issues with your life, closing off your chakras will not solve your problems. In fact, by trying to close them off you are running away like a coward.  That may sound mean but sometimes tough love is appropriate.  Do your inner alchemy to clear your issues and the goo from your energetic centers.  You brush and floss your teeth every morning…well, do the same to your chakras.  Keep them clean and they will be healthy and strong and will serve you well.  But shutting them down will only bring you sickness and misery, especially in this new energy.  I don’t even know if it is possible for someone to do this to themselves anymore.

No_Drama_1Information and events that occurred on the old time line have been fixed.  If you read psychic information that was written during past years up to 2013, it is old timeline information, it is obsolete, it is very out dated and has changed.  If you personally have received information from guides in the past years, you need to throw it out.  It is old.  Connect to the new.  More than likely you have new guides now.  Even our guides were corrupt on the old timeline, and some of the information that we received from them was false.  We have achieved so much, however, there are still those out there that are relying on old messages they received from guides that were most likely corrupt.  Even if your guides were fine, the information they gave you during that time period is no longer valid.  People still want drama and excitement, and I guess the new energy is not enough for them so they want to keep the war on the old timeline alive and well.  This needs to stop, and it needs to stop now.  Does this mean that everything smells like roses in the astral/etheric realms? No, but almost, we are getting there.  Especially since there are many people that have progressed, as they are living in the new energy and are not spreading fear porn.  These individuals I am speaking of are balanced between the polarities.  They are in the middle pillar of existence, not living in the past and not caught up in worrying about the future.  They understand that things are difficult here, but it is improving.  Their heads are not in the sand nor are they in the clouds.  Our horrible past is dead and buried and I for one will not mourn or miss it’s passing.  Humanity still has a ways to go, and will continue to lick it’s wounds and heal.  This is to be expected.  I have released my attachments to all past timelines…including the good, the bad and the ugly.  I suggest everyone do the same.

back to schoolA new school has begun with this new energy, and many of the pupils are not in the proper classroom.  The bell has rung and they are late to class.  Don’t make the principal come and drag you to the correct location.  Instead, let go of the old time line events of the past and move into the zero point of the present.  That is where the true light of clarity is, and that is the true nature of your mind.

Peace be with everyone,

Lisa Rising Berry

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30 thoughts on “Chakra Removal, Implants And The New Energy Part I

  1. May i please have more on these articles? Where can I find more info?

    Thank you for this. It resonates with me.


    Justi Ströh CFP ® MBA AIPSA (UP)

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    1. I have many articles on this site. What topic are you referring to. If you are referring to Chakara removal, it is not necessary to learn or read about because that is old information and is no longer relevant. Thanks for your question. Lisa


    2. Hi there.
      I am very clairvoyant and unfortunately I starting seeing implants and really nasty things attached to chakra’s. I didn’t understand what I was seeing until I researched it. I can’t help what I see so I remove them when I see them. I am a shaman healer anyway. My clients who improved after treatments for a week or two but then regressed are now being ‘cured’ of depression and anxiety when I do this work with them. I have to look at the results of the work. It’s been amazing! Perhaps your experience is based on the kinds of people you were working with and their underlying intent?
      With gratitude for your article Ann-Marie

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    1. Thank you Nancy…the false information about implants will be next. I have had so many people write me and ask me how do they remove implants… UGH!!! I just can’t take how some people are more interested in how many followers they have instead of taking responsibility for the false information they are putting out there. I love you big time!!!

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      1. Thanks LISA…hang in there….it has taken me much reflection and recapitulation to understand that I have given my power away so many times, in order for others to do what I had the power to do myself. Keep putting out your truth and I know it’s hard, it’s not easy telling the truth because most will deny or say you are mad or simply want you to do the work for them. Keep up the good work and please don’t be discouraged. You are so precious and this takes a lot of courage as people who are followers are just that….looking up to someone to work for them. I am not a follower and neither are you…if those who are followers of falsehood and deception want to continue that, it is up to them. It’s easy to hang out with the love and light, airy fairy crowd until the ego steps in and watch out! You have done a great job in easing it out about what is really going on and I would rather hear it from you, the truth, no holding back, because if my feelings were hurt by it, I would know there is something I need to work on. I am very proud you have put this out there and with intergrity and humility. As you know, when you speak your truth, there are going to be those that are going to basically attack you for it, just keep up your guard…I GOT YOUR BACK!!! Drama is their nature, and if it doesn’t align with their beliefs or agendas, then they will argue with you…or ask you to do their job. Just keep the light on, and I will keep the engine running…we will be fine! ❤

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  2. Whoa…I had typed a whole thing to you about how I had felt I was fighting this with you back in 2008 and the whole thing disappeared except for the last line and my name!!!! Wow…I also had a question about the astral, and the afterlife trap….I wished I had copy and pasted the whole thing because I had agreed that the chakra removal seems to make those who have done it go mad. As in George’s case, he ended up giving a date of 3-21-2013 and I stopped listening to him after that. This is so wild why my whole paragraph disappeared after I posted it…I just wanted you to know that I am so very proud of your writing this and know it took a lot of courage to put it out there…And just bizarre how my whole test to you disappeared! My question was about the astral, if this is gone, since 2011, where do people go, and if there are new guides or guides at all, do they take one to a new astral reality? Are those souls allowed to leave this universe after or do they have to reincarnate like the last astral trap? Ok…basically, in my previous post I mentioned to you that I had been doing those battles, involved in fight back in 2008 but I don’t look like I do now. I had long jet black hair. I was saved by Wayne Dyer, who begged me not to die, and gave me energy in my heart center. Not long after that, I had the astral travel dream where the crow flew into my heart center. Anyway….it was a long post, and somehow wonder if the only thing you were suppose to see is the last line!!! LOL, so if you could include in your next post as to what is in the astral now, as where the souls go and if they go there or if they are free to leave? THANKS!!!


  3. Thank-you for this. And thank-you to all those who are replying because it means so much to hear others thoughts on the issue. Not many will say these things, and I’m so grateful to have found this blog. I have had my own experiences since 2008 and I will just add that I resonate with your perspective and I’ve always been super self conscious about what I was going through/experiencing. Things are gelling for me, the dots are starting to connect and this post reinforces that.

    So much love for you and all who may be a little lost or struggling at the moment!

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  4. Thanks so much for this post. I had come into the chakra removal tutorial through forums, and had always found it really suspicious. Typical of forums, though, there were heated arguments for and against the procedure. One of the things that made me leave in the end was the nonchalance towards such practices. I’m glad I could rely on my intuition and team to protect myself. As for new guides. I’ve found they’ve been very fluid for a while. Always new introductions happening!

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    1. Your so welcome Janet! That is wonderful that you tuned into that energy and could feel how gross and wrong it really is. I feel the people that actually try to do this are not connected to the planet or their own bodies. Or they would be able to feel how horrible this is. I am happy you have new guides. Actually as you progress on your path you will receive more new ones, and some old ones will leave, because you will have out grown them.


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  5. Thank you for speaking out about the Cabal. (my name for them). As I was reading it and seeing the example drawing, I KNEW that was what happened to me in my last life. I became a slave, and in this one had a great deal of trouble moving forward because of their influence from that time. I am healed in this life because of friends, too, and your courage in being bait is so powerful I cannot imagine it. Blessings, Sister Warrior of Light

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    1. Nothing really, you didn’t have implants to begin with. The healer most likely assisted you in breaking down energetic blockages that you have. Which is nice, but you have to keep up the work yourself, or the blockages will return. Good question.


  6. Thanks for the great information, Lisa, and for your efforts in fighting the darkness. Many of us appreciate your dedication and service to others. ♡
    What can I do to get my unified chakras back into the state they need to be? They were unified into my white heart core center and honestly, a lot of unwanted noise immediately stopped. Over time however, things have devolved in my life and I don’t want ascension possibly encumbered. Do you have any recommendations for appropriate action I should take if need be? Thank you so much!

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    1. Hello Lorinda!

      My recommendation is to meditate, and meditate.

      This is how you train your mind, and you become in control of you, instead of letting your emotions run the show.

      Your emotions and thoughts are connected to our chakra system.

      Meditation is the key to balance, in all areas of mind, body, and soul.

      Which are all connected to our energetic systems.


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    2. Thank you for the quick reply and sagely advice. I’ll meditate more in the forms that work for me. If I may ask, what do you think about the current online groups that are informing us of all the huge transitions coming in October 2017 as well as this fall? There are evolved groups – 5Dascension, Aug Tellek, Avalon Sol) giving similar yet different historical accounts than each other, different advice on “activation”, ascending, the controllers, what’s coming and how to prepare, etc., some claiming to hear “the voice”, “cosmic awareness”, the Andromedans, and so on. Are any of them worth spending hours reading their exhaustive/exhausting posts?
      I’ve read some of your blogs but even this morning on FB am getting rather worrisome posts from some of what I believe are enlightened people. Yes, I realize they are not immune to being manipulated and some may be smooth poseur disinfo agents.

      Is it all just BS and we should simply focus on tending our soul and practicing the Law of One?
      I’m no newbie and was first mentored briefly in 1979 when I was 19 by someone I knew in Atlantis (which Atlantis I can’t recall). I’ve never felt I belonged here and have no recall of volunteering or being commandeered into contractual obligation, although may have been. I certainly have had some otherworldly adventures and other life memories along the way.

      With contract terminations and no implants will we be able to leave this dimension once and for all? I’m so over wondering, seeking, and waiting…37 years is a long time and I want to move on when the time comes.

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      1. I have to be honest Lorinda, I don’t join groups for the reasons you listed.

        I get my own information from my personal visions, and clairvoyant experiences. This is something that we all can and should do. I have spend many many years working on myself to get where I am today. I continue to strive to better myself so my information is as clear as it can be.

        I learned the lesson of discernment the hard way. If a person claims to know this or that, and their life is a mess and that person is unbalanced, then the information they put out there is unbalanced as well. “As above so below” is a Universal law that applies to everyone.

        As a result I see many unbalanced people putting out crazy unbalanced information.

        The old saying goes, “You can’t help others until you help yourself.”

        No one is trapped here any longer. But, souls will go to the location that they vibrate with. It is different for everyone.

        Our biggest concern at this time is changing the physical. This can only be done when each individual changes their own vibration.

        My advice is the same to everyone. Become you own psychic.
        Don’t depend on anyone for your information about what is going on with the current energies.

        I write my articles so other people like me don’t feel alone, and I encourage them to also write. When this is achieved you will clearly see through the BS that is out there.

        Balance yourself and your clairvoyant information will become balanced as well.


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  7. So what are the other side affects people experience when they have had their chakras removed ? You said something about them becoming mentally unstable.

    How’s the well-being of these people a few years down the line who have had their chakras removed?

    If a person dies who had their chakras removed where does their soul go? Would they be disconnected from god?

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      1. That’s interesting you talk about electricity. It reminds me of Tesla. Do you think there is some sort of universal energy around in the cosmos?

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