rising frequencies show with michelle walling aug 26Last night’s show with Michelle Walling was absolutely mind blowing with high vibrating energy.  By the second hour our bodies were just buzzing with energy.  The first hour Michelle discussed her personal journey which everyone can relate too.

Then in the second hour we dove into current energetic events.  This discussion was simply amazing, as we deeply contemplated the implications of Wave X, new abilities coming our way, as well as the spiritual implications of the current stock market situation.

We were all so connected during these 2 quick hours, that the conversation just flowed.  I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording it.  Michelle is a breath of fresh air!

Lisa Rising Berry


6 thoughts on “The Frequencies certainly ROSE last night during our conversation with Michelle Walling!

  1. Hey lisa it’s pea pod lisa lolI’ve been on Grandma duties since Tuesday night so when he goes home tomorrow I will enjoy this show—-wow it looks a good one!! Xxx 

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  2. I am going to listen to this later…I was planning to listen to it live, but my little one here woke up feeling bad yesterday, and my focus was on her…she is doing better today, still not up to par, but I want to listen to this as soon as I can, or may have to do it in increments…LOL, Michelle has been a busy lady…she also did an interview with Kelli in the raw today, and I love Kelli, she is very spiritual/psychic and been watching her videos as much as I have time for, she also has what she calls a Q & A Thursdays…it’s interesting, it would be so interesting if you and Andrea did this sort of thing on Goggle hangouts where people can ask questions and or whatever happens live… 😉 Here is the link to today’s interview of Michelle and Kelli : https://youtu.be/qR483_PPT7g

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    1. I am glad to hear you little one is doing better! She is so lucky to have you! I love Kelly as well, and yes, Michelle has been very busy lately. Thanks for the link, I really want to listen. She also did an interview with Simon today as well. We will have him on next week.


    1. I am not sure why not. WordPress does all of that for me. I don’t set that aspect up, I pay wordpress to do it for me. I am sorry you are having difficulties. I can only suggest to try it again, or google what the issue is. I use Goggle all the time to find computer solutions.


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