fire and waterThere are many discussions about what this Wave of energy is going to do for us, and what can we do to prepare for it.  So many are waiting with great expectation for this energy to arrive.  When in reality, humanity and the Earth have been preparing for this for the past 26,000 years. It’s been an ongoing process, and the energy has always been here.  This Wave X energy, which I referred to as Azoth in my first article on this subject,  is first and foremost an internal event.  “As within, so without.”  It is a major amplification of what has been coming in for some time.  There are some misconceptions that I feel should be addressed, so we don’t have a repeat of spiritually awake people becoming depressed and confused, like we had in 2012. Here is a link to my first article….


internal waveThis first Wave of energy flows through our very core internally.  It changes us from the inside out, beginning with the heart and moving outward.  Trying to manipulate the outer world will do nothing during this initial process.  From a spiritual point of view, this is the most exciting phase!  As this wave passes though us, our hearts will be weighed, just as in the weighing of the heart ceremony in the Egyptian Book Of The Dead, only we are not passing into the after life, we are passing into the Golden Age.  This energy of Azoth will pass through everyone that is in a human body, and all will receive the same amount.

Now, here is where the differences occur.  The actual frequency of your heart energy will determine how much of this Azoth energy you will have access to.  Wave X/Azoth is an “equal opportunity employer,” but the amount of inner alchemy you have participated in will determine the outcome for each person.  This is why so many will be disappointed because they will either not know that this energy wave has moved through them or they will feel very little has changed.

This energy will give you the ability to do your inner work at lightening speed.  What used to take years to get over and transmute can be done in months!  However, we have to do the work.  The Wave does not do the work for you.  So, how do you prepare for this on an inner level?  By doing the same inner work you have already been doing.  Meditation, forgiveness exercises, practicing non-judgement etc…  We should have been preparing for this energy from the beginning. This is first an inner event before it works its way to the outer.

It’s all about you, and it’s all up to you.  You are the center of your transformation, and you are the star of this show.  This is the biggest misconception of this Wave, in my humble opinion.  It’s much easier to try to get ready for something the way we have always been taught to do, which is manipulating our outer world.  This will not work on this inner event.


outer waveOnce this inner wave moves through Earth, which is more ready than the average person, the fun begins.  The new energy of the Earth sets the standards that humanity must live up to.  This energy moves from the core of the planet to the outer experience, and anything not in line with that frequency will go.  This includes people!  We are the ones that will be changed by this energy hitting our hearts, and we are the ones that will change the current systems in place.

We are moving from feeling so disconnected from the planet, from its elements and from each other to feeling this inner connection to everything!  Imagine throwing a piece of trash on the Earth and actually feeling your body getting sick, just as you made the Earth sick.  This is the kind of connection we are moving into, and it will not be pleasant for all.

Eventually the person littering will learn or will get so sick they will have to leave through death.  This is because they are not in line with the new frequency, and they are not doing any inner work to fix that.  When we feel the connection to others it will be harder to act out of greed and power as our current systems operate.  I see this energy forcing the current leaders to make the necessary changes or they will have to leave.

We are the ones we have been waiting for, and we will be the ones in the physical that will make these changes – what ever they may be.  This wave will not just remove the current systems, we will be the ones to do this work.  But only after the inner shift is complete.  This energy moves from the inner to the outer.  How long will this take is up to us.

How do you prepare and more importantly, how do you look at the act of preparing?  Do your inner work and follow your heart.  Our inner work is the key. Nothing else will work without this key.    The outer cannot be fixed without the inner being prepared.  You are preparing a place for this energy to exist in the outer.


when endThis is most likely the most pivotal time in history, and how we place our focus is imperative.  Do you choose to worry about the outer or do you focus on the inner first?  Personally, I will be in my inner refuge preparing to change my outer life as the Earth does the same.

It’s an ongoing process and will never end.  This energy will continue to increase. It will not stop, so in a sense there is no preparation needed for an “end.”  When you prepare for some thing, it’s an assumption of an ending in the future – the great result achieved. This is not the case with evolution.  You must constantly be in the state of preparing, because you will always be moving to the next higher level of existence.  So, should you think of your preparation as a one time thing?  Not with this event. It needs to become a way of life, not something you prepare for because the end is near.

We are now in the energy of infinity.  There is no ending or beginning.  There is no preparation, but a new way of life.


inner connectionAs humanity is changed from the inner they will be inclined to live a different way in their outer experience without much effort.  Resistance is futile….these two experience will become ONE.  If people don’t change, they won’t feel good. They will not be in balance with the Earth.  When a person is aligned with the inner transformation the outer experience will merge within their very being.  It will be so easy to make the necessary life decisions that we make on a daily basis because we will be in balance between the inner and the outer, and we will match the frequency of the Earth.  This gives the teaching of “the two shall become” one a multidimensional level of meaning.

Much love to all,

Lisa Rising Berry

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35 thoughts on “Wave X Misconceptions

  1. That is great to hear, that is inner work required….I was reading a newsletter I had been subscribed to for many years, of the hollow earth, but haven’t read any of it lately, and they also talk about this wave, but they are saying it is an ascension for those whose vibration has been risen, via, inner work and diet and so on…and now they are ‘getting their affairs in order’ as the lady says they have told her she will be ascending soon, like getting the title ready on her car and so on….and they speak of the Sananda and other ascended masters, and the hollow earth people. When I read this, I though of your article that stated we were not ascending and that this was not some mass ascension, but in this article you do state, that if they haven’t done the inner work, that they cannot stay…as in leaving, and does this not mean they will leave their physical bodies, and go to another 3d planet or what will happen? There is also the stock market crash and all the fear mongering going on, I realize this is the ‘food’ for those it benefits, and I wonder if the wave has already started? yes? has it peaked or will it peak on the next blood moon? I do feel this wave has already arrived, I am more positive and ’emo’ as the kids put it….LOL, because I have always had a hard shell, and never usually had to fight with it getting stuck in my throat, but lately, there is no stopping the ’emo’ in me…LOL, so I have been practicing letting it flow out, and sending love as much as I can out, when I have a moment or two to just sit with it. You had mentioned the energy came in the end of last year, and now is a golden energy, Azoth, which is now surrounding the earth…yes? So would this energy, fire of Azoth, be the feminine divine energy too? And would this energy get rid of or dissolve, for lack of a better word, the veil of forgetfulness, and the frequency band that surrounds the world and traps us here, as in the afterlife trap, and the whole energy grid that keeps souls from exiting and so on? LOL….I know, lots of questions..but I just wanted to ask some of these things as it was in my mind. Ok…Luv this and will keep working on the ’emo’…LOL, I am ready for the Golden Age…LUV and BIG HUGS! Nancy

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    1. Most people don’t know what the real meaning of Ascension is. They rely on channeled messages. These people are only channeling themselves, so its no wonder they don’t have a clue. Every time you vibration increases you have Ascended. When we die and leave this planet it continues, and inner work is the only way. When a person vibrates too low below the level of the Earth, they can not remain. They will have to die and leave the physical body. Their journey here ends. Right now we have the opportunity to increase the productivity of our inner work and go to very high levels while still in a body. Azoth is feminine….it’s fire water. I wrote about this in a couple of other articles. It has not peaked nor will it ever at this point. Which is why more and more people will have to leave, they won’t be able to keep up. As far a removing the veil…the only veils that exist now are the ones inside the body. So, as someone vibrates higher and higher they dissolve their veils. Nothing is in our way anymore, the path is cleared and laid out. If someone does not succeed they only have themselves to blame. Which is a hard pill to swallow. Self responsibility is the key.
      Big hugs right back to you!!! Nancy!!!

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      1. Thanks so much L:isa…I appreciate that extended explanation and yes, you did explain the Azoth energy before as feminine, and I intend to read more about it, or go back that is….LOL.
        So all I need to do is get out of my own way! 😉
        Luv you and keep the light on!

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      2. Hi Lisa, I consulted the Akashic Records in March through my friend Kelly Jones after hearing Matt Kahn mention the first wave of ascension. My guides clearly indicated that “many will walk through the veil”. Also that” our 12-strand chakra system will be added unto”. The new center will manifest a “chrome ray” that will access other quantum realities. The energy will be “new”. it “will have a youthing effect”, “refreshing” not like children but “teenagers”. It is a “soular return”, a “divine dispensation”.
        Like you, they said it be offered to all, but not all will allow it. Thus begins the second wave of ascension, now with the assistance of those who have walked through the veil.

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      3. Yes, well said. The only thing I would like to add, is the veil they will be walking though, and only if they are ready…if their own personal inner veil. And yes, only if they are ready and vibrate at the correct level of the veil will they pass through. Exciting times for sure!

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  2. Very glad to hear people doing more research and not looking to outside savior sources. We have to do the inner work and shine the spotlight into the dark places within. Creating dates of ascension occurring while we kick back and do nothing is not healthy IMHO.
    This is great information based on excellent insight. Posting a link to my FB site. 🙂
    Corey Goode

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    1. Hello Corey!

      Very nice to hear from you! Yes, I agree with you about not waiting for outside sources to save us. Which is why I have done so much inner work on myself to get my own connections, and not rely on anyone else. Thanks for the re-post!


    2. Yes Corey, I think the PTB would love for everyone to give away their power waiting for a savior, and do nothing on their own inner work. Always researching and understanding things, but I am a big picture person, and always rattled the cages of those in traditional religions but they could never answer my questions, which always led me to believe I was looking in the wrong place. I watched your interview with David Wilcock and it was very interesting. Thanks for your insights and courage. Blessings, Nancy


  3. I think in as we pass thru ,,just as now..alot of folks that were our friends ..are not now..which is okay..they are not on a spiritual only like minded will remain..and yes we are passing thru…but we have a hard time understanding the people that haven’t..maybe they have in there own space and mindset..we just do not happen to be there..this seems to be the spiritual sides main theme and illness .Your article was great..Thank you

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    1. I agree! Many of my own friends will not even know that this event occurred. They have not done the inner work to walk through their own inner veil. But, that is fine. They are exactly were they are supposed to be on their journey. I know that this new wave of energy will there for them once they do the necessary work to raise the frequency of their bodies. I plant seeds of knowledge into them every chance I get…without them knowing of course. LOL I am glad you enjoyed my article!


    2. I think one important key for all “looking forward” is to move from ‘expectation ‘to ‘anticipation’. Expectation has little hooks tied into the old landscape, that can catch and move one out of the center of the stream into little whirlpools of experience. If and when this happens, for it is happening to many, the key is to become aware of it and consciously move back to the center. My guides have described it as “sit down, slow down” in the process of slowing down to the speed of love. ; )

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  4. Hi Lisa,:-)
    Thanks for those explenations about the Azoth, I had never heard that before. When I think about September I have this vision of a new road forming, and yes that is the result of an evolution from the past 9 month. Last Deceember I saw that there was a slipt forming, 2 lines, but still going in the same direction, and since the 21st of June they went in opposite direction, on one side people going to the light, and on the other side people going the the dark, meaning that they got invited to face their ” inner demons”, so they could still be on the that new path that is going to appear mid September. I see that the line going to the light is now becoming the path, but the people who are still dealing with they stuff are put aside from it…. I already felt a shit in my life since June, feeling that I am in the right place. Before that spending all my life feeling like a stranger…! So much empowerment since then, amazing and looking forward for September!
    So from reading you article I understand now that this light is the Azoth, that allow as to express all those inner transformation we have worked on the past years! ❤
    I am Swiss, so my english is a bit frenchy… 😉


  5. thank you very much for writing and sharing, I agree about that innerwork and diët and I’m busy doing all that iinnerwork for 10/15 years now and I’m still doubting myself if I’ve done enough and still judging myself for smoking and eating meat etc.
    As I understand is that this energy will make us more sensitive to everything and all, so will that mean that we from then on, no more can eat meat and smoke or we will instantly die?
    Or will this change gradually?

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    1. I just love your honesty. This new energy will not turn us into Monks, or I am in trouble…LOL But since you have been doing inner work for a while it will raise your bodies frequency rather quickly. As this happens your body will reject what it knows is bad for it. How quickly is really up to you. You are in charge of your own journey. If you feel your moving at a pace that is too quick then set your intention to slow it down. Especially when it comes to food and digestion. I am dealing with this right now. My body has suddenly decided it can not digest red meat. This was fine with me, but now it doesn’t like dairy, and I love ice cream. Dairy creates inflammation in the digestive tracts and I have been able to eat ice cream until now. So, if I ignore my bodies warning signs about my digestion, will I die…No. But I will be very uncomfortable and not as healthy as I should be, and it could, and most likely will lead to a more serious condition until I give up my ice cream. This energy wants the best for us, but we are the ones that will have to make the choices that we feel are in our best interest. We can chose a higher level or health or keep doing the same old habits we have been doing. I still have not given up my ice cream, but I will be soon.

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      1. Lisa, I LOVE ICE CREAM TOO!!!! I don’t get to eat it often but also have cut down on the chocolate and sweets I like so much. I also grew up on and love milk. I just think it’s the milk and ice cream that we buy in the store or what they make it out of. Organic, non-pasturized, grass fed, running free milk tastes so much better and do believe it’s not bad for you, but I don’t know if I want to give up ice cream EVER….LOL ❤

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      2. LOL…it’s funny you commented back today, cause I ate a small bowl of ice cream last night. It was just the cheap store brand, and within 20 minutes I had to run to the potty…ugh. I guess I will have to try the organic non pasteurized grass fed happy cows. You know Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is made like that. I will have to see if that brand makes me sick.


      3. OH>>>>>LISA, I JUST LOVE YOU! Yes, I use to eat Ben and Jerry’s …my favorite flavor was WAVY GRAVY…it was the best one, but since they sold their business, they didn’t buy the WAVY GRAVY recipe, so they no longer sell it. Yes, you might not get a tummy ache from the good organic, happy cow, no antibiotics or steroids, milk/cream. I know it tastes so much better…the regular pasturized, unhappy cows milk causes inflammation of the intestines and mucus…I know.,..disgusting…lol, but I still love ice cream! 😉

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  6. You don’t have to give it up if it’s the natural good stuff, but that is up to you! I just try not to eat the cheap stuff, which is why I can’t eat it very often…they also put aspartame in a lot of those cheap ice creams like they are doing to sugar gum now…a lot of things that had just sugar in it now have the very toxic aspartame in it…I hate that they do this, and especially in stuff they know kids eat, and how they say transfat should be banned, but they allow aspartame which we know is the excrement from bacteria and causes type II diabetes and is a toxin. Make your own! Like stone cold creamery does…go get some ‘real cream’ from the cow, and make your own! We use to make ice cream out of snow when we were kids, my parents waited till mid winter, and we would get the fresh WHiTE snow and make icecream. I know now adays this would not be good with all the chem trails, and it don’t snow here, but you don’t have to give up ice cream if you just use all organic ingredients, and actually tastes so much better! 😉

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  7. I am so feeling so great right now as I read through the list of articles you suggested I go through. This is all resonating with me. It’s bringing tears to my eyes with the knowing that it’s all going to be okay.

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