“Goddess of Water” Painting by Ronnie Piccard. Click the image to order a print. 🙂

I am normally drawn to visit different locations for spiritual reasons, and my recent trip to Texas to visit turned out to be no exception.  I had zero idea what I was in for, but I knew there was a bigger reason for my visit.  This became apparent to me the closer to my departure.  I began to see “Texas” everywhere.   Even on the the TV.  In the States there is a new show that has my last name in it.  It’s called Texas Rising.  Every time I saw this name, I could feel it screaming at me.  Of course the flooding was big news, and the area I was to visit was effected, but not devastated.  If the citizens of the flood zone knew what their suffering brought to this planet, they would be amazed.  The floods replenished many creeks and lakes in the area that have been empty of water for an extremely long time.  On a higher spiritual level this water brought the most amazing gift to humanity, and this is what our paper is about. I will explain the connection of the water to the Holy Spirit/Azoth/Living Water, heart energy, and the Rise of the Divine Feminine energy to the water bearer of Aquarius – which by the way, is a woman.


This area that I was drawn to visit is called Texas Hill Country, and it is rich in ancient history that most people are not aware of.  James Tyberonn did amazing research on this area.  From James……

“It should not be surprising to understand that the Atlaneans occupied certain areas of Texas, for its lands were along the land bridge that connected Poseida to the Yucatan.  Sea levels were much lower than you see.  We tell you that there was a pyramidal complex located very near Enchanted rock that was used ceremonially for the calibration of crystal skulls in alignment of the energy of the granite dome cathedral.  The pyramid was aligned between the energetic ley of Yucatan and of the Pyramidal complex near Galveston Island, triangulated with the two.  Within that area then termed Hill Country of Texas, is a very special energy.  One that will be awakened into Feminine Balance.”

And awaken it did, and I experienced it.  This is what the floods of Texas produced.  This quote was shown to me this quote over a year ago, and I knew it was very important information, but I just didn’t know why.  I had no idea that I would actually visit there in the future.

I found James’s Atlantis connection very personally important for me.  I was called in 2013 to attended the Return To Atlantis Conference, which was held in Sarasota Florida, for the purpose of energy work.  We opened a star-gate at this location and removed an ET race called the Leviathan.  They are/were a water race that had control of the Atlantis star-gate.  I had astral experiences of seeing these entities and “dealing” with them etc….  I was not the only one that had these experiences, two of my friends who were at the conference also had the same astral experiences.   The quartz crystal sands of Sarasota Florida are part of the remnants of one of the Atlantis locations.  Without the work that was done at this amazing conference, this event that occurred in Texas would not have happened.  But I will save that story for another time.  I have it well documented and written down.

lido beach
Laura Eisenhower and Mark Peepler (Dr. Dream) preparing for a ceremony that we performed on the 99% quartz crystal beach of Lido Key at the Return to Atlantis Conference in October 2013.


When most people think of the Water Bearer, they think of a man with a pitcher of water.  This is how I used to see it – men always being the leaders of every new age.  Not so anymore….the water bearer of the New Age Of Aquarius is a Female.  There is a unique connection with Woman and Water.  A female is pregnant for 9 months and the fetus is in the amniotic fluid which is water.  9 is the number that represents higher consciousness.  Water signifies life, creates life, and sustains life.  The female water-bearer is giving birth to the New Golden Age of Aquarius thought the spirit of water.  The water bearer in the zodiac is not the first water bearer.  The Goddess Kwan Yin is best representative of the water bearer in ancient history.  She is pictured pouring water from a small picture, renewing life for all sentient beings.  The water she is pictured pouring out is known in ancient texts as Azoth or fire water.  Azoth is a form of Aether, which is Living Water.

kwan yin


In the masterwork of the “The Secret Teachings Of All Ages”, Manly P. Hall explains the fire water of Azoth in his own words.

“The universe is surrounded by the sphere of lights and stars.  Beyond that sphere is Schamayim, the Hebrew word for “Heaven”, who is the Divine Fiery Water, the first outflow of the Word of God, the flaming river pouring from the presence of eternal of the eternal mind. Fire becomes Solar fire and Water becomes Luna water in our universe.  Schamayim is the universal mercury or Azoth – the measureless spirit of life.  That original spiritual fiery water comes through Eden (vapor in Hebrew) and pours itself into the four main rivers of the four elements.  This comprises the River of Living Water – the Azoth – or fiery mercurial essence, that flows out from the throne of God and the Lamb.  In this Eden (vaporous essence or mist) is the first or spiritual Earth, the incomprehensible and intangible dust out of which god formed Adam Kadmon, the spiritual body of man, which must become fully revealed through time.”

We are entering the time of the new Genesis, and the Azoth is at work once again, evolving not only our own bodies, but that of the planet as well.

The Azoth is being poured from the pitcher of the female water-bearer.  The picture is representative of the womb of creation, as we are creating the Golden Age.  This is the water that we experienced when we visited a Cavern during my visit to Texas.   I will speak more on that later in the paper.  Azoth is a form of Aether or Holy Spirit energy.  Believe it or not, but we are in a new location in the cosmos, and it has Golden energy.  This has given us this new Living Water called Azoth.

“The water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of living water, welling up into eternal life (John 7:38)

This Azoth/Living Water/Holy Spirit changes everything, as it is poured from the womb of the Divine Feminine Water Bearer.  Women are very heart centered, and not only is the Rise of the Divine Feminine returning, but the heart-based energy of the Christos Sophia has returned as well.  Christos Sophia is the feminine aspect of the Christ energy.  She is the return of Christ, not him.  Of course this return is an allegory for the real event.  We are returning “home”.

christos sophia


Looking at astrology, I found something interesting.  Scorpio, which is one of the four fixed signs of the Golden Age, points to the center of the Milky Way.  Scorpio is a water sign.  Another very interesting inner-knowing that jumped out at me as I was writing this was about the name Milky Way.  The Azoth/Living Water/Christ Consciousness that is being poured is the same thing as amniotic fluid in birth.  We are giving birth to the New Age through water.  The color of Amniotic fluid is a Milky white/clearish color.  So, we could say that Scorpio, the water sign, is pointing the way home via the universal amniotic fluid of Azoth.  The way of the amniotic living water is leading us into our new beginning.


We can find in ancient texts how the Azoth also known as Holy Spirit flows from the heart.  I chose a scripture from the Bible, but you can find these references in other texts as well.

“Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” John 7:38

When this text refers to “believes in me”, it is allegory for whoever believes and lives and understands that the Christ energy is the merging of ego and soul in the heart center.  This creates a clean heart and renews a right spirit within the individual.  This energetically allows for the flow of the Living Water to come to and from the heart.  This is occurring right now.  When I visited the cavern there was a rare opportunity to view the underlying aquifer that I will write about later in this paper.  But, this aquifer occurrence was a result of the flooding in Texas.  The water flooded this special cavern and created Living Water within the womb of the Earth….the cavern.  There was water dripping and sometimes pouring from the ceiling of the cavern and it was running across the floor.  While most visitors avoided the water, I felt the “need” to cover myself in it.  So I stood under the drips and the pours and rubbed it all over my body, including my face.  I did not know this water was Azoth in the physical, but I could feel and see the energy, and I knew this was extremely special.  When I put it on my face it actually burned a little bit, now I know why.  This very special cavern that I visited and it was one of the birth places for this new fresh water energy.

In James’s quote about Texas that is in the beginning of this paper, he says, “Its lands were along the land bridge.”  The name of the cavern that I visited is called Natural Bridge Caverns.  Here is a picture of me standing in front of the land bridge.

land bridge

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was in the birth place of this new Living Water that is being poured from the water-bearer.  When I came out of the caverns, I was dramatically changed.  I felt like I was glowing and had been reborn.  I literally felt like my body would glow in the dark from this Azoth water that I had all over me.  When I left the cavern, I wanted to run in circles with my arms out and just yell how much FREEDOM  I felt!  I felt dramatically changed when I exited the cavern.  It was such a humbling and honorable experience to be in the presence of such powerful energy.


The aquifer waters were emerald green everywhere they had risen.  There was a section that had an emerald pool of water.  The rocks above this lake of emerald green water were in a shape of a bear, and in the mid section was a heart.  This is so significant, as nature teaches us everything we need to know, and gives us amazing confirmation.  I have shown in this paper how Azoth/Living Water is connected to the heart, and now right before our eyes and I was looking at it.  Green is the color of the heart chakara.  WOW!  This emerald water is also connected to Thoth and his Emerald Tablets.  Thoth was the heart and tongue of Ra.  I was in the presence of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Male energy merged in the scared space of the emerald green healing energy of the heart.  I stood in reverence and respect and said prayers.  I had tears streaming down my face from the energy that was surging from the aquifer water below, and I didn’t know then its full meaning.  But I knew I would understand the full story later.  Here is a photo of the emerald water.  This is not my photo, I did not take many pictures in the cavern, for it is a scared space that deserves great respect.   If you look back to the picture of Kwan Yin the Water Bearer, you will see green energy all around her, and you will also see fire around her head.  This is showing us the fire water of Azoth and how it is connected to the green heart center.

Emerald Lake is one of many large, natural pools found within Natural Bridge Caverns. The green color comes from the diffraction of light waves passing through the water.
Emerald Lake


I was then wondering why I saw a bear with a heart.  So, I did what I always do and I sent that question out to the universe and waited for a answer.  Last week we had a black bear walking through our neighborhood, and I began seeing bear posts on Facebook everywhere.  I knew it was related to my question, so I looked up the spiritual meaning of the black bear, and I was so happy with what I found.  The bear is the epitome of the protective Mother, and represents your hidden strength.  The bear holds the teachings of introspection, (Thoth tablets).  Her energy awakens the power of the unconsciousness  in the spring and summer.  It is believed that the power of the Great Spirit/Holy Spirit lives through the bear.  Bear says to look inward to know thyself.  This is what Thoth taught.  In some traditions, it is believed that the bear is the spirit keeper of the west.  I feel this is true, as we did this work in the West.  I believe in Eastern tradition it is different.  So, the bear we find is connected to Thoth the keeper of wisdom and is connected to the Great Mother, which is of course Christos Sophia.  The bear had a heart in its center and was above the emerald green (heart chakra) water.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.


Many areas right now are being healed by water, as they are having more rain or flooding than normal.  Desert areas are becoming green and lush again etc….   The conspiracy theory is that the unusual amount of rain is the result of chemtrails.  However, my inner-knowing, along with my clairvoyant ability says other wise.  The Earth is using this new energy to recover from decades of abuse by these technologies.  Humans are not used to change, and they are not certainly used to having a living entity like the Earth using new energy to heal.  It is the last thing on their minds.  As the Earth heals it will create many natural disasters.  Notice the word natural, not man made.  In order for her to return to balance she must undo what man did to her, and this will be in the form of floods etc….   It will not be a smooth ride for some areas.  It is the same for homeopathic healing of our bodies….you feel worse before you feel better.  The Earth is an entity, so it is not different for her.

I visited “Natural Bridge Caverns” in Texas Hill Country on June 2, 2015 – an auspicious 88 day (6+2 = 8, 2+0+1+5=8) and a full moon!  The timing of the visit was special because the caverns had filled with rising aquifer waters from the recent floods, and it was a rare opportunity to view the aquifer which was normally too low to be seen from the cavern’s passageways.  I have written about the importance of 88 and the upward infinity loop.
Here is a beautiful video of the aquifer waters taken last year. This year, the waters were much higher, and the emerald green color seen in Emerald Lake was prevalent throughout all of the waters in the caverns:
Water and the Holy Spirit are connected, as we can see in the Water Bearer of Aquarius.  We now are beginning to have the correct fresh water flowing through our planet.   Which is what the Water Bearer is providing.  The correction has been made, and will continue to correct other areas as well.
The Glen Rose aquifer, which the cavern is a part of is very important.  Rose is connected to the Divine Feminine.  This cavern is part of the Trinity aquifer, and of course the Holy Spirit, which is female is part of the Trinity.



The water of life is given to you, drink it and
wash your body with it.

It is given to you for your spirit, mind, and body-for the man
and woman inside of you.

The water of life is given to us to make us
whole-oneness in ourselves.

It increases the ability of the hidden senses. It gives one
courage, strength, and freedom-freedom from
fears and attachments.

The water of life will create a civilization far superior to
the one existing. Noble character traits will be it’s sign.

This civilization will guide the sciences and the arts-it
will guide the spirit, mind, and body for further growth and
increased wisdom.

It will give birth to the unity of both worlds.

The water of life will increase your love and knowledge-it
makes you more whole.

It will help you to be what your are-a perfect creation.

Isis, the servant of mankind and mediator of the idea of
creation, is giving the key of higher living.

With spirit, mind, and body, we have to guide men and
women with wisdom similar to that of a priest, teaching the
water of life and the life principle –
for this world and the world to come.

source: “The Miracles of Urine Therapy” (Feb. 1988) by Beatrice Bartnett and Margie Adelman

(Excerpted from this wonderful blog: http://aquariusthewaterbearer.com/ancient-egyptian-water-of-life-papyrus/)

Written By:  Lisa Rising Berry

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13 thoughts on “Let the Living Waters of the Divine Mother Rebirth the Earth

  1. OMG! So wonderfully timed to what I am experiencing right now! The water, the green, the bear! Thanks ladies for answering so many of my questions!

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  2. Such beauty and deeply moving experience Lisa and Andrea. So glad you shared this with us. Am looking forward to hearing more about this as you said and very excited for these times. You guys did appear to glow, and the before and after photos show it. I never knew that area existed there except for the beautiful photos that Annie is always posting. I hope we all can get with the flow…no pun intended, in the fire water and purity to soon, and real soon into this Golden Christ Consciousness…LUV U SISTAS…THANK YOU< THANK YOU<THANK YOU!!!

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  3. You all look as if you are “born again” after the water experience. Not that I knew how you looked like before haha. But you certainly look amazing. I definitely want to see this place one day.

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    1. That is exactly what it felt like. I told them that I felt so different, like I was shinning, and we needed to take a photo. Every person that saw that picture said the same thing. It was such an amazing experience to witness and be a part of.


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