jesus drawingThere is big debate right now over the Jesus issue, which involves whether or not a single physical man walked our planet for 33 years, was crucified, died, buried and rose again to sit at the right hand of our father.  So, I have decided to throw my 2 cents into this debate, because I can tell that the greater meaning of this issue is getting completely lost, and true essence behind this allegorical/physical story is quickly disappearing into the sea of confusion.  I know what I will write will not be popular with everyone, and I understand and respect that.  I am not here to debate this subject or to win a popularity contest.  This is not my opinion I am writing about, although I can see how one could argue it is.  This comes from my direct experience and inner knowing about this topic, along with plenty of research and study.  There is a lot of ancient historical evidence that supports my paper.  If people do not shift their focus from the physical issue to the spiritual purpose, they will become lost in the new Golden Energy (Aether), that is now present on this planet.  Christ Consciousness, which is the energy of both Jesus and Mary Magdalene has returned to planet in the form of the New Gold Energy.  This is why 888 is so important now, not just for the person, but for the planet and the entire multi-verse.  The Age of Pisces was about the physical spreading of the message of Jesus as well as many other avatars.   It was known as  the fisher of men age, and it’s symbol is the fish.  It was a time where how to create and obtain Christ/Jesus/Magdalene/888 energy was taught. We are now in the return of that energy, as it is greatly available to us, if one applies what was taught in the previous Piscean Age.  Our bodies are evolving from 666 to 888, the time has come for a new focus to begin.  As, a side note….Jesus, Buddah and Krishna all taught the same thing, which was how to obtain and use this energy.  But for the purposes of my paper I will use the names of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, to make things simple.


 888 is the energy signature of Jesus.  888 is the highest representation of the trinity, and is the true “name” of Christ Consciousness.   888 is not a name of a person, it is the energy of triple infinity.  You can add many names to this energy from all beliefs systems…father son and holy ghost, Brama Vishnu and Shiva etc…   Believe it or not, but you can add Jesus, Mary and Christ to the list.  Jesus and Mary are on one side and Christ is in the middle.  Christ is a title…christos/ anointed.

When the energy of Jesus and Mary, which is the male/female, ego/soul parts of you come together in heiro gamos, they create a Christ energy within.  You become anointed with the Golden Oil of Christ Consciousness.  This most sacred Oil is called Claustrum.   When this powerful Oil rises up from the base of your spine and moves into the Holy Temple of your brain, you become a Christ/Buddha etc…  This is true the true Christmas story that happens in your physical body.   So was there one physical man named Jesus that walked the earth?  Not in the way the majority think.   There have been many individuals in the last 26,000 year cycle that have taught how to obtain enlightenment.  Did any of them have the Earth name of Jesus.  My heart says No because of the Gematria, and the math that teaches us the name of Jesus is a vibration of 888, triple infinity.  There have been so many avatars that carry this frequency of 888, and they had separate Earth names.

I don’t think the name of the individual is  important.  The energy, vibration and message they carried takes precedence over an Earth name.   They did not come here to aid humanity for recognition, and be worshiped in history books.  It’s the energy that they brought that is the main focus here.   The word Jesus is the energy of 888 and every male and female that has walked this planet with the purpose of bringing enlightenment has carried this energy.  They have come here since the beginning of the 26,000 galactic year.  This energy has been in countless avatars, and they all taught the same thing…..  how to create Christ 888 within you.

In 26,000 years can you imagine how many avatars have walked this planet to teach this.  As we continued to fall in consciousness, the lesson become distorted and lost, especially in Christianity.  Buddhism especially the Bon tradition and Hinduism have kept it alive, but call it a different name.  In the West we have dropped so low in consciousness that the true message as been almost lost.  Society is down but not out.  The energy of the 888 is directly connected to the new Golden Energy/Aether that is now surrounding our planet.  We are now living in the Return of Christ, and this energy will change the hearts of the lower vibrating members of our society, and they will Re-member the truth of the Divine Triple Infinity 888 represented in the word Jesus.  They will Re-member that this energy exists within all of us, no matter what the name.

Lisa Rising Berry

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6 thoughts on “Did Jesus walk on the Earth?

    1. ooooh ooooh ooooh me too! I’m ready too! I wish I could be the one to shout it out center stage style to the world. who could even think that God(ess) would require such a horrible sacrifice? It is OPPOSITE the truth…opposite Love.

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  1. Thanks for the article and the research, dear Lisa.

    I enjoyed reading it and am not sure if the title you chose really reflects the content and most importantly, the message “of readying ourselves” that you shared.

    Love & Light

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