The Ego – The Forgotten Child of Gaia


Written by Andrea Mullaney

As I was sitting in my yard enjoying a warm spring evening, I let my thoughts wander and play while I focused on feeling the earth beneath my bare feet and the blades of grass along my finger tips.

In this state of relaxation and love for the Earth I was sitting on, I realized something about the ego.

What if we have it all backwards and the ego is something entirely different than we’ve been led to believe?
At this moment, I saw it all. I saw the Earth as a true mother. I saw the planet as an incubator for young souls that needed to evolve and find their way back to source.
These young souls are the children of the Earth – little bits of her consciousness.
And these souls are not the light beings that incarnate here. They are the egos.
Each ego is like a dark child, an unevolved spirit needing guidance. And each dark child is matched with a being of light – the being that has incarnated here from various star systems and galaxies to provide the light to balance the dark ego soul. This light being attaches to the body at the heart center, sharing the body with the ego attached at the brain. This light being guides it and nurtures it and shows it the way of love so that eventually, over lifetimes, it will evolve, leave its seat in the pineal gland to move to the heart center and merge with the light being.
The ego helps you survive on Earth, and it gives a great gift to the light being when it merges. The ego stores the memories and the knowledge of the lifetimes on Earth. And this knowing is transferred to the light being as the two become one.
The light beings that are here who we call souls, they are already perfected – they are fractals of their greater beings that have come to raise an ego and help Gaia’s children. This is why the egos are allowed to run the mind and think they are king of you. It is their nature until they learn better. They practice WILL until they learn LOVE. And the light being soul takes a back seat and allows the ego to experience and grow, all the while gently prodding it with the path of love.
As each ego – each bit of Earth consciousness – evolves, so does the mother. So does Gaia.
The bi-product of this process is a beautiful mixture – refined spirit and creative light that is given off as the soul evolves the ego and they grow. It is like the stem cells that are so valuable when a physical baby is born.
Sadly, this beautiful process was hi-jacked to harvest this very mixture. And the egos and souls have been recycled and recycled countless times in lifetimes over and over again  without being allowed to reach culmination.
This has caused the incubator project to go off track and the darkness to grow out of control.
Yet now we receive help from golden energy and the shift of the ages that has opened portals for this energetic assistance. Nothing can stop loving Gaia and the egos and souls from evolving and ascending to where they are meant to be.
So be kind to your ego. Do not try to crush it or destroy it. And do not neglect it either. Remain balanced. Show it love by living from your heart center so it learns to look there for guidance.
The ego is a precious child. It is Gaia’s consciousness in your body and your soul’s true mate in this dual world – until the day you rise above duality and the two become one.

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9 thoughts on “The Ego – The Forgotten Child of Gaia

  1. Reblogged this on Silent Winds of Change and commented:
    You all know I don’t normally post other people’s blog posts so understand that when I do it’s something I consider VERY important to share.

    I actually had those “truth” chills through almost all of it. So to add to this I’m feeling that this ego soul has a back seat driver position and can make suggestions but we higher level souls do the actual driving. Do you want to know what happens when the two finally begin to merge? You suddenly have odd food cravings and suddenly food tastes so much better for you. You want to DO more and EXPERIENCE everything! The reason is because this ego is finally getting to be part of the driving experience. Everything it felt previous to the merge was a numbed down version of the experience the higher soul was experiencing it’s whole current Earth life and all previous ones as well.

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