rebisThis very Ancient Drawing is my absolute favorite, and now I fully understand why.  I used this drawing in one of my posts on Facebook this week, and someone asked me to expand on the meaning of the symbology.  So I agreed, and I did not expect to discover what I did.  I had a fair amount of knowledge about the symbols in this drawing….until today.  As I looked at this drawing this afternoon, it was like I was seeing it for the first time.  Ancient information just jumped off the page and leaped into my tiny brain, with a big jolt.  It actually gave me a wee bit of a headache.  The first thing that hit me was there is a correlation of the 5 planets depicted in the drawing.  These planets are: Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn.  I found that these 5 planets are visible in the sky this month and this year (April 2015)  Now, I know why this drawing is so important for this month.  It is occurring right now to our Earth as we speak.  As read the Article that talks about this occurrence, I noticed a picture of the alignment and it is exactly what I saw with my eyes closed 2 nights ago.  I had zero idea what I was seeing until I saw this article.  Here is a link to the article…..

And here is the vision I saw one night when I was just laying on my sofa relaxing with my eyes closed.  I did not see the green line that has been drawn in.


This shows Venus and Pleiades in the sky, which will be the brightest on April 11….  We all know how important the number 11 is, but I have not figured out why I was shown Pleiades in my vision and why it’s important here.  If you notice at the bottom of the drawing of the Rebis, you will see 2 doves.  The dove is associated with Pleiades, and that is as far as I have gotten with that aspect.  Now that I have shown you why this drawing is important this month, I will move on to the message and meaning of the drawing.  This relates to some of my other bogs that I have written recently about Aether and Azoth.

There are many levels of understanding to this Drawing, so I will start with the easiest and work my way to the more abstract.  This drawing illustrates the completion of the Great Work, The Magnum Opus.  Which is the full merger of ego and soul….spirit and matter….male female…the 2 become 1 etc…..  This takes place inside of all of us, as a result of intense practice of inner alchemy, better known as inner work.  This drawing teaches us about ourselves as well as our planet.  What occurs within us, also occurs within Mother Earth.  The planets in this drawing point to when this will occur for the Earth, which is this month, and I stated in the above paragraph.  So, I will focus the rest of my paper on the Alchemical process the Earth is going through right now, but keep in mind the same occurs with in you as well, but it may not occur at the same time.  The timing of your completion of your Great Work is up to you and how you are traveling on your individual path.

 Please take note that I could write a small detailed book on this single drawing.  I am attempting to keep it as simple as possible and not go into every tiny detail.

Let us begin with the easiest first. The body of the Rebis has 2 heads at the top, one male and one female, this is the integration of the male and female aspects within one body. The sun is male and the moon is female.  The square is in the hand of the female side, and represents the cube, Earth, matter and femininity.  The compass is in the hand of the male side and represents the circle, heavens, spirit and masculinity. When combined we have squaring the circle, which is also known as Mind over Matter.


As I looked at the name REBIS, I knew it had to be the combinaion of 2 names, 1 female and 1 male with a B in the middle.  I wrote it on a piece of paper like this…RE B  IS.  Then I knew what it meant.  RA or also known as RE is the Egyptian Sun God, this explains why RE is used as the side of the Male energy with the Sun.  The IS in the name Rebis stands for Isis, who is the Mother Goddess, and is certainly connected to the Moon, which is feminine.  The alchmical marriage of the two completes the great work.  I heard it like this.  RE BE ISIS, meaning, once the 2 become 1, RE becomes ISIS and ISIS becomes RE.  Or RA….which is the most popular way people know of the Egyptian sun God.

There are five 6 pointed stars in this drawing with symbols in them.  I will start with the symbols since I already addressed this.  The symbols represent:  Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury.  These are the 5 planets visible in the sky this month (April 2015).  The 6 pointed star represents the Star of David, and is the symbol of Hieros Gamos, the merging of Male and Female/Spirit and Matter.

spirit merges with matter

The body of the REBIS is standing on a Dragon.  This represents the conquering of our lower base desires that keep us attached to our ego.  The dragon is also a representation of the shadow  underworld that must be transmuted and raised in the form of Kundallni energy.

Now we are moving on to the best part IMHO.  Notice Mercury is at the top, in between the heads of the male and female.  This is extremely important at this time, and has many degrees of meaning.  Mercury in Greek is Hermes, in Hindu it is Buddah, it is the representation of the sage.  Mercury is also known as Azoth, which is fire water.  Azoth is the Universal Life Force, and contains the complete wisdom of the Universe.  Philosopher’s Stone is a poetic word for Mercury. So, there are several names for the star at the top of the body of the REBIS…. Azoth/Philosopher’s Stone/Mercury.  Azoth is created at the completion of the Great Work.

In his book Transcendental Magic, Eliphas Levi wrote: “The Azoth or Universal Medicine is, for the soul, is supreme reason and absolute justice; for the mind, it is mathematical and practical truth; for the body it is the quintessence, which is a combination of gold and light. In the superior or spiritual world, it is the First Matter of the Great Work, the source of the enthusiasm and activity of the alchemist.”

The Philosopher’s Stone, which is another word for Azoth/Mercury, is used to transmute base metals into Gold.  Notice the color of the star at the top of the REBIS….it is GOLD!  We are now at this very moment in the energy of the Golden Age Aquarius.  One of the things that I can clairvoyantly see, is the energy of the planet.  I have wrote about this in previous blogs.  Several months ago, I saw this mostly black with a little bit of purplish energy moving in and slowly covering the planet.  This was Aether, which is black, it is the void of creation and the source which all is created from.  As of March 19th, this black Aether has turned to the color Gold.  I can clearly see our planet surrounded by Gold energy.  Basically, what happened is, as the Azoth or Philosophers’s Stone was being created and finished, it turned the black Aether energy into Gold energy.  I can write more about this, but I think that is enough for now.  I wasn’t planning on sharing what I saw, until I starting writing this paper.

The last section I will write about is the 4 and the 3 at the bottom of the drawing.  I will not go into this too deep, as my paper is getting too long, and this is where it gets complicated.  The 3 represents the Tetrahedron, where 3 triangles meet at each vortex.  The 4 represents the Octahedron, where 4 triangles meet at each vortex.  4+3= 7….this relates to our 7 chakaras and endocrine system.  The last thing I can see clairvoyantly will flip everyone out….but I am writing it anyway.  If you look at the Da’ Vinci Man drawing you will see a circle around a cube.  The cube is the cube of space, which projects our reality that we see onto the sphere, which is called the Da Vinci Sphere.  Well, that was the case last month.  As of the beginning of this month, we no loner have the Cube of Space, but we have a Icosahedron.  Our inner scared geometry has changed for the new Golden Age of Aquarius.  If you look at the sign of Aquarius, you will see a Man, which is us, pouring a pitcher of water.  The Icosahedron is connected to water.  However, I know, it is fire water that is being poured from the picture.  How do I know this?  First, from my inner knowing, and second, straight across from the sign of Aquarius is Leo….which is a fire sign.  Put the two symbols together and we are told the water is fire water, which is Azoth.

So, there you have the complete story of the REBIS, and how this is currently playing out this month for our Divine Mother Earth and for all of Humanity.

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16 thoughts on “The “Secret” meaning of the Rebis Drawing, and How it is Occurring in the Sky this Month.

  1. Thanks for your very detailed description, dear Lisa. It is interesting to know that things are moving and morphing, both “above” and “below!” Fyi, I do not see two doves at the bottom of the Rebis drawing. Rather two wings around a globe. Could it be a symbol of Planet earth’s evolution, i.e., the ability to fly with its inhabitants on its back. Love & much Light

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    1. Yes, your right about the doves…they are white wings as a representation of the white dove, but they are not doves….i meant to changed that actually, but it had been published too long. LOL… The white dove wings of peace are ascending the planet to the next level of evolution, like you stated. 🙂

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  2. I was at the end of a dark period I my life in April when I woke to my sleeping friend saying” rus robus rebis”!!! I then saw a battlefield of beacons shinning in the darkness and felt a voice say “your light matters” then I began an I vestigation, worth mentioning is the belt buckle my dad wore when he died in front of me(I was 14, he was 40) the belt buckle had an image of a Pharoah with a mask covering his face, a star above and below and a crescent over his shoulders. I’ve had strange dreams since I was little. Too many to mention. Some more recent dreams speak of treasure hidden and a big power source hidden that keeps the moon in place. Weird stuff, I know, there are more coincidences, like a moon and star tattoo I got at 18, I was born in 77, my mom in 55, my grandma in 33. I now dance and draw for love, even tho before April I didn’t do either. Something is going on with me but all I can do to express it are dancing and drawing, also… I was given a design for a totally sustrainable dome home with what I now understand to be sacred geometry as a means to create it. I am not shunned by my family but nobody seems to understand. I guess I’m ok wito that but I FEEL something coming. I dream it. And my dance, which I spin and spin helps the earth heal via vortex

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  3. I have discovered the ether energy within my formless soul & because of that I’m able to makeshift with what I have harvested to revitalize & reconstruct my innerspring through the Materia Prima. I wish there were ways of building blocks with other moving pieces, like yourself I’m sure we can bounce truths off each other. I’m totally in my 9 senses. & 9 chakras. & I’m willing to spread knowledge for open ears

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