This ancient drawing on the Dendera Temple wall in Egypt shows us how Aether in the form of birkland currents works, within our own bodies. Now, I am not a scientist in the traditional sense, but I feel like spiritual scientist. From personal experience and the book study of Aether/plasma and Birkland currents, I have figured out how this works within our bodies.

When enough Aether/prana flows through your channels, we have 2 of them, they wrap around each other and make a Birkland current in our middle pillar of light. In this drawing the Birkland current it is shown as a snake tube, which is our Kundalini, also known as the middle or central channel The light bulb is our physcial body and the aura that surrounds it. Believe it not our bodies are electric just like the electric universe we live in. We are the universe, and we live in the Universe. Our aura can be compared to the Aurora Borealis , especially when we are fully open and have large amounts of Aether/prana running through our central column. The Aurora Borealis is the outward expression of what exists within us. “As With In, So With Out”.

The lotus in the drawing represents our crown chakra, and the 1000 pedals. The more light you bring into your your body, the more aware you are, and your level of consciousness increases. Self awareness is represented as electricity in this drawing. The more awareness, the higher your frequency, and the more voltage your body contains. Our bodies can power a light bulb, or they can illuminate an entire dark room. This is why we raise our frequencies, we are human light bulbs, as depicted the the Ancient drawing.

Raising your frequency takes on a new physical meaning, when looked at it from this different perspective. Light not only illuminates the body, but also heals it and burns away the darkness that exists from within. Letting go of what no longer serves you through meditation, allows for more Aether/prana/chi/light to move through your body. It burns away your inner veils and you will experience an inner apocalypse, and achieve inner freedom and liberation. These inner veils are what blocks our inner electric light to shine through. Just like a curtain in your house can block light from the outside from illuminating the inside of your home. It is the same concept. As you meditate you bring the outside light from the Universe inside your body.

Can you imagine clearing your body so much that you light up a room in the darkness. Can you imagine how healing that will be, and how easy to stay balanced it will be. This is absolutely possible now. This is what “Out of Darkness and Into the Light”, means at it’s highest level of understanding. When in darkness our bodies are heavy and dense, with very little light flowing through them.

As we clear and bring more light of awareness to our chakras we illuminate them, one by one. As this happens, we are clearing our 2 channels. Once our 2 side channels are cleared, the light from them begins to move up through the central channel. Once your Kundalini is fully activated, through several physical electric experiences, these 2 lights will then wrap around themselves forming a inner Birkland current. This new form of light is the most powerful on the planet, and is the final stage of Awakening. This energy, once created will light up your body from within. You will have fully illuminated your inner light bulb.

Why do you think the Ancient Egyptians could see in the darkness of the temples? It is because they created eyes to see. Their bodies where the light bulbs that brought light to the darkness of the temples. Right now we are using technology outside of ourselves to light the darkness. Only the illuminated ones studied the temples, and this is why. If you had not created your body light bulb, you could not see where you were going. We have an inner temple in our brain. We call the 2 soft spots on the side of our heads….temples. Coincidence….no, I think not.

This is also true with life itself. When our inner light is not beginning to shine in our temple, we are fumbling around in the darkness with no inner compass and life is hard. We bump into many walls that we did not “SEE” coming. However, when our inner temple light gets brighter and brighter, we can see through the darkness and become aware of the walls placed in our path, and we simply walk around them.

I can say from recent personal experience this is true, and I know I am not alone. When I have a very lucid dream and I am in a higher level of awareness, my room lights up with flashing lights. When I go to the bathroom, which is a smaller room, I can see my inner light bulb, bouncing off the walls and the floor.

We have the inner technology to light the darkness of not just our lives, but also the rooms of our houses,. Think of your body as a house/temple, and your inner light as a lamp. Your middle pillar is the wick of your lamb, the Aether is the inner oil that lights your lamp and then lights up your house/temple.

If you look at the fool card in Tarot, he is beginning his journey, and is carrying his lamp outside of his body. He has not ignited his inner lamp yet. When you are carrying your lamp in your hand outside of yourself, you only have one hand that is free. You are limited and not totally free to use 2 hands. You are not balanced in duality. When your lamp is light from within, you have the use of 2 hands, and are fully balanced. You have the personal freedom to use 2 hands in a balanced way. You are now in control of your own duality. It no longer controls you. You are the puppet master of your life. If you will notice in the drawing, you will always see 2 free hands holding the inner light of awareness.

Have fun in your meditations, and imagine lighting your inner lamps of awareness. Out of the Darkness and into the Inner Light of Self Awareness!

This little light of mine….I am gonna let it shine….let it shine….let it shine….let it shine!

Written By: Lisa Rising Berry

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