The year of 2015 is a very special year energetically, since the numerology equals the number 8.  The number 8 represents many things, but the most important aspect it brings to us, is the frequency of infinity.  We are being given the endless/infinite possibilities of creating new realities in our personal lives, and for that of humanity.  Imagine, just for a second what the energy of infinity feels like.  How powerful and magnificent it feels, with it’s endless possibilities.  This is truly the year of new beginnings and new experiences.  The amazing power found in the frequency of the number 8 and in the infinity symbol can be found within each of us, and it’s located in our heart centers.  Infinity is the representation of the union of ego and soul, where spirit and matter become one.  This is the true meaning of the two shall become one.  Ego and soul unite in the heart center, which is zero point on the infinity symbol, as well as in our own energy centers.  The upper part of the infinity symbol represents our higher mind/soul/spirit, and the lower part of the symbol represents our lower mind/ego/matter.

So many people are walking around lost in a daze, trapped in the matrix of the material world.  Each wondering why they are here on this planet, and what is their ultimate purpose for existing.  If you are reading this in a human body, and I am assuming most of you are..LOL  Then your/our purpose is to complete the Magnum Opus “The Great Work”.  The ancients knew this, as it was taught in the greatest Mystery Schools.  You may have other jobs as soul incarnated here in a human body, but everyone is here to merge ego and soul.  This is the only location in our Universe where this is possible, and the energy of 2015 provides us with the necessary frequency to complete our Great Work.

If you remember, we ended our 4th Galactic Year in 2012.  The numerology for that year was a 5.  The frequency of a five represents change through action leading to freedom.  Things sure did change in 2012, but not in the way most expected.  Then came 2013, which had the frequency of the number 6.  6 is considered to be feminine.  When you look at the 6, it is the lower half of infinity.  It is the feminine half, the upper part of infinity represents the masculine aspect..  In 2013 we experienced a great influx of Female energy, which was the beginning of the Return of the Divine Feminine to this planet.  We just ended 2014, which vibrated at a 7.  We have 7 chakara’s that need to be cleared and aligned before our Great Work can be competed.  The theme of 2014 was letting go of what no longer served you, so it is possible to move into the new.  The”new” we have been preparing for since 2012 is merging of our ego and soul.  Once this is accomplished, you give birth to the NEW you.  Which is your Christed self.  “Christ” is a title of an energetic achievement that you obtain once all 7 of your chakaras are fully opened and balanced.  Your energy rises up your spinal column and moves out of your crown chakara at a high frequency which can be seen as a halo coming from the top of your head.  Now, this doesn’t mean you have become an Angel, it just means you have achieved the correct amount of light and frequency required.  You have completed your Magnum Opus.  Ascended Masters of the past are painted with halos of light emitting from their crown chakaras.  Well, now it is our turn, and the energy of 2015 fully supports us in this part of our journey.  Completing your Magnum Opus isn’t the end, as many think.  It’s actually just the beginning of your journey as a new Christed Soul, ready to take full advantage of the frequency of INFINITY and move BEYOND the old and into the energies of the New Golden Age.

Are you ready to transmute the lead of your lower mind/ego and merge with your higher mind/soul, to wear the Crown of Gold?  I sure am!!!!!

See you in Infinity and Beyond,

Lisa Rising Berry

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