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Many people have been choosing to quit Facebook due to the privacy issues etc….  Most folks feel they will increase their privacy by moving to one of the many new social media sites popping up.  I feel this is a big mistake.  If more people scatter themselves in multiple new social media sites, there will no longer be the unity in one large central site.  The PTB did not expect those of us that share important information with the world to utilize Facebook in a constructive way.  They assumed we would become distracted with chatting with friends and forget about waking up the masses.  They wanted to keep us asleep.  Well, for some of us, that did not happen.

We use Facebook to reach thousands of people in one central location, we share valuable information that is really making a difference world wide.  This is not what they expected Facebook to accomplish.  So what now….what do they do…how do they stop the information flow….simple…DIVIDE AND CONQUER!  They decided to put out the information that Facebook is going to spy on you….Facebook users assumed that the information they shared was safe and protected by Facebook and it was private…  REALLY SERIOUSLY!!!!  Nice honest people did not create Facebook. The PTB created it, and now that they are losing the information war, they are trying to change the rules. They are trying to irritate and place fear in people to leave.  That way we will spread out in multiple social media sites all over the place and we will be unable to share information in the manner we did on Facebook.

Forget about your privacy….this is what they use to put you into fear.  We have 8 different government agencies spying on us all the time and these are just the ones we actually know about.   I don’t care about my privacy anymore, I gave up on that fantasy a long time ago.  So, I don’t scare easily.  I care about winning the information war.  Facebook has been spying in its users from the beginning.  The only difference is that they are being open and honest about it, and making it sound like this is a new occurrence.  This is a battle, make no mistake about it.  One new social media site will even pay you to be a member. OMG, that is a clear sign they want us away from Facebook.

I was told yesterday that I had to change my Facebook name.  Lisa Rising Berry was determined to be a fake name.  This  really made me mad.  Its my real name, which is a combination of my birth name and my married name.  I definitely tuned into this energy that was running through me and really looked at it.  I was being pushed out….I could feel it.  I wanted to tell them off for accusing me of using a fake name.  How dare they tell me my name is fake.  Especially when so many spiritual people are using the name Rising as a nickname.  I wanted to leave because they made me mad.  When I tuned into this energy, I could clearly see where and what it is really designed to do.  And that is divide and conquer.

I am a warrior….and this is a information war!  If we leave Facebook and scatter ourselves we will lose.  We need to stay in one large central location where we can reach as many people as possible.  They will make is difficult to stay.  They will spy on us and piss us off.  SO WHAT!!!!!!!

I am not leaving Facebook.  I am not going to let them divide and conqueror.  I don’t care about the fake sense of privacy that I have never had.  I am even spied on when I astral travel into the ethers.  They send solid looking holograms into my bedroom all the time.  I don’t care…let them.  I will….. and I have kicked their asses….. and….. I will continue to do so.

They will not win this information war….  Let go of your fear of not having privacy and stay in Facebook.  Together we can continue to share information.  Spiritual Warriors need to stick together…

Onward and Upward….

Lisa Rising Berry….   (Auh’Kaurah)


  1. I think you’ve got a good point here, Lisa. I joined Facebook with the goal of finding fellow interest groups, and I’ve found a lot. But I’m not very fond of FB as the concept is was meant to be. All this shallow posts and selfies are not my cup of tea, but who says I have to be stuck with them? 😉 Just keep on with your task! I’m doing the same, although in a different way, namely with comments mainly. Good luck, and best wishes for an interesting 2015!

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  2. Hi Lisa! I totally agree. Facebook, The Internet even money is a tool- the function of which is determined by the intention and the consciousness of the user. We, the “awakening collective” (to use one of many possible descriptions) have the potential to harness the internet to intentionally unify and share our message of intelligent, progressive and fundamental systemic transformation with the rest of our relevant-truthful-and-inspiring-information-deprived human family. I am manifesting an online platform for pooling and collaborating around a common vision…. It’s already happening… we just keep moving to an evermore global and inclusive level… system change is possible and it is rooted in information and education… with the net as our supreme tool. Blessings, Yan

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  3. Facebook has been a love hate relationship! I hate that I can’t totally delete my profile and if I tried, it just remains in limbo and anyone can reactivate it and pretend to be me, so I keep it. I hate the paid trolls that request to be friends, somewhere out there in the facebook land, they found me and now want to be my friend? Who are these people, most of them have only one or two photos, no info about them or where they are….it’s a constant battle to make sure you don’t friend some psycho who wants to either hack you friend’s list and or your account or blast you like some sort of stalker hater keyboard warrior.
    The only thing I like about facebook is finding old friends from long ago, and or keeping in contact with family which I could do by email, but for some reason, it’s easier on facebook, plus it does spread info quickly, and of course, they didn’t want that. Mark was probably just some geek who turned CIA on us all, but initially had a great idea and he sold us out. Well, what goes around comes around, and the facebook will blow up in his face, just like when he tried to go OP and sell stocks and started rumors that they would charge everyone to be on facebook, well hell with that I would never pay to be on there, and like everything else on the internet, eventually, everyone will migrate somewhere else just like they did from My space, the only difference is My Space never sold out like Facebook did and of course You Tube. You tube use to be a place of individuality and creative fun, but then the BEAST Googley took over and now it’s ads, no creative profiles, just the off white boring googly theme, and censorship much worse than facebook, and it goes, they ruined it for me. ok….lol, sorry, I am on my soapbox…getting down now. 😉

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    1. I like facebook, I am able to share my information with so many people that i never thought possible. Plus, I have learned so much from other people’s mystical articles on ancient knowledge. But I can get stuck in Facebook land and waste my time by not being productive. LOL….


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