running out of time
We all have the feeling that we are running out of time.  I have today, as I prepare for Thanksgiving.  So I decided to do some Inner Alchemy on this false thought/belief.  Time is an illusion, or so they say.   It is not a physical thing, which we all know.  So, I decided I wanted to know more about this “illusion” that I felt like I was running out of.  The only way I know to do this is by going into a mini meditation.     When I sat down and tuned into “time”, I felt an energy.  I started to think about the sentence that kept going through my head…”I am running out of time”  Since time is not physical I can’t run out of it, and then not have any more of it.    Then I saw myself running “out of time”.  I saw myself literally running out of this thing called time, as if I was escaping a building.  Time looked like a physical object, and I was trying to escape from it.  Both assumptions are crazy! But, I still wanted to find a way to be at peace with this energy of time.
running out of time 2
As I continued to tune into “time”, I could feel a real consciousness energy.  So, I just sat in it.  I could feel it’s abundance as it moved thorough me, it has such ease and grace to it.  Instead of running “out of it”, I ran into it, and I stayed in it.   I decided to be “in time”.  I decided to sit in the energy of time.  You can’t try to control, run out of, or escape from something that is energetic.  It is an infinite energy source.  I guess you can say I became time….sort of…I guess…
So, is time really an illusion?  After today, I am not so sure….  I sat in the energy of time, and it did not feel like an illusion at all.  It felt real and fluid and peaceful.  It felt very different from sitting in the now of the present moment.  When I sit in the present moment…it feels stationary, and this had movement to it…
I feel so much better now.  I am trying to integrate this new energy that I am feeling into my whole being.  Will it help me to no longer feel like I am running out of time?  Who knows……I guess only time will tell.  LOL  Peace!
Lisa Rising Berry

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6 thoughts on “Are you Running Out of Time?

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    I love this post and meditation! I don’t know why I didn’t reblog it as soon as I read it. I have been thinking about it ever since and doing my own interaction with time. Please Enjoy!


  2. Yes this makes sense to me as practical “being with” time. Its only when we resist “Time”, then it becomes a thing outside of ourselves, Yet when we are in it “Time” it is also “Timeless” This is the first “time” anyone explained “it” Thank-you for having me go into time, as in “all” and “Every” woooh.That was cool. Heart to Heart Robyn.
    From one assist to another that was brilliant.

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