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Meditation is the Key to Building our New Golden Age Communities.

Most of us know the healing benefits of meditation and how it helps us deal with our everyday life stresses.  Meditation is an ancient practice that has been around and used for many different purposes since the beginning of time.   In the West it is now considered a New Age passive activity.  Many people are far too busy to sit down and quiet their minds and go within.  However, there is more to meditation than meets the eye…  This wise, ancient practice is more than just a passive activity that helps you to be happier and healthier.  As you raise your vibration, you begin to tune into additional aspects – more than just a peaceful feeling.  Meditation is in direct line with the Law of Correspondence which is…”As Above, So Below”…  Your “As Above” work is meditation. Your “As Below” work is what we do in our 3D lives in the physical.  Without your “As Above” work,  you are not balanced, and the changes you wish to make in your physical world will not be as effective.  If we are to make the necessary changes in our physical world for the new paradigm we must start with the upper mind of the higher self, not the lower mind of the ego.
This is represented in the ouroboros, which is the serpent biting its tail.  In order for us to move into the New Golden Age we must go back to our ancient past and complete the circle by using the practice of mediation.   We, as a society, have pulled so far away from God, the source of ALL information, that we must go back to our ancient past to start the new cycle of the next 26,000 year.  Which is the new Galactic year.  This is OUR mission, OUR destiny, and OUR reason for being here at this point in time.  This is a time of action, which begins within each one of us, as we prepare ourselves to receive the new information necessary to make ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting changes in our current systems.  The KEY to this lies in meditation.  Let me explain….
Da Vinci, Tesla, and even Steve Jobs received  information for their inventions from meditation and lucid dreams.  They then wrote the information down that they brought from the Infinite Collective Consciousness.  This information changed our 3D reality.  Telsa’s amazing inventions and new ways of doing things did not come to him from his active ego monkey mind, but rather from his higher awareness – an awareness that is only tuned into through meditation.  Tesla functioned one level above the lucid dream state. He had the ability, while being both physically and mentally awake, to run complex visualizations internally with all the realism and ease of operating in a lucid dream world.  This powerful ability is obtained no other way than through the Ancient practice of meditation.  We all can be like Telsa, especially now in these new energies… and we have a responsibility to do so.  We have a complete new world to build, and it will not get built from the waking ego mind as the old Iron Age was built.  We are starting a New Genesis and New Golden Age – one that will be built with our higher minds. 
Da vinci and Telsa both practiced Trataka which is candle gazing, and could put themselves into deep altered states of consciousness.  From this state of high level awareness, they could tune into the new information that is not here on this planet in 3D.  Our current forms of government, methods of farming, medicine, transportation, family life…mostly everything, we have created, was done with the lower ego mind in the waking state.  It’s all centered in our lower chakaras, which are based on survival of the fittest, sex sells, and “it’s all about me”, and of course, what is good for the elite.  This type of thinking is locked in the left side of the brain.  The New world will be built on the energies of the upper chakras and centered in the middle energy center, which is the heart.  Our new paradigm will be based on love, clear and honest communication, free energy, and what is good for the whole community as a single unit.  Since it will be heart-centered, new creations will be a balance of both left and right brain activity.  Most people, even spiritually-minded people are still locked into their left brains.  They need to open the right side of the brain during meditation.  As it says in the Bible…”cast your net to the right side!”  Why?  Because that is where you will catch more fish or in this case more information.  Being aware of the social imbalances does not make you awake.  When you are awake you have full ability to obtain information from the left AND right sides of your brain.
This is why meditation is the Golden Key to rebuilding this old way of living.  If we are to move into the New paradigm and start our New Genesis of the Golden Age we must make the move by connecting with the information that is in the Aether of the Infinite Collective Consciousness.  This can only be done by leaving the lower mind and practicing the single eye in meditation.  The information is just sitting there waiting for someone to make the first move to receive it.  So why aren’t people doing this?  I feel it has a lot to do with either I am too busy, or I already know everything I need to know.  And “since all information is inside of me why do I need to do anything?”  While it is true that everything we need to about know about how to build our New Golden Age communities is all within us, in our heart, we still need to be proactive and make the effort to retrieve it. No one will do this for us, and we have gotten lazy.   This passive way of thinking is the same as sitting in a library full of books and thinking…”I  don’t need to pick up a book to read it in order to learn how to build a house, because I am surrounded by knowledge.”  In order to receive the directions on how to build our new life in the New Golden Age we need to go into meditation and connect with the high vibrating frequency that it exists within.  Then we can use that knowledge that has never been here before to start our new paradigm.
What if you are supposed to be the new Da Vanci or Tesla of the Golden Age, and the only reason you aren’t bringing that brand new way of living into our world is because you didn’t believe in meditation or you were just too busy.  We are the ones we are waiting for.  So why are so many humans waiting for someone else to make the first move to create a new way of doing something?  We all want a new government, new ways of living etc….  The time of waiting is over and the time of doing is here.  Some of us will bring new ideas here to this planet through meditation and then others will take those ideas  and do the physical work to make them a new reality.  But it all begins in the “As Above” before it can be brought to the “As Below.”  I am reaching out to those that have the drive, will and stubborn determination to do the Inner Alchemy necessary to go into meditation like the Ancients did, so they can bring new ideas to this planet.  Together we can rebuild this planet one idea at a time….one meditation at a time.  We don’t have the luxury of time to contemplate and debate with our left brain ego minds as to whether or not meditation will work.  We need to exit our monkey minds and go within and just do it.  See for yourselves if it works…
I leave you with two final quotes, one from from Claudia Pavonis, and the other from Telsa…
“In the great misfortune of our current era, the wise and gentle noblemen and heirophants who, with care and considerable concern, bequeathed the ancient wisdom to noble and worthy catechumen have been found near the brink of extinction. No longer do we find the band of wise brothers fueling the lighthouse on the horizon directing man to the welcoming shores of the great spirit within. No longer do we find the open doors of the academies guiding those willing and earnest men to the sacred spark amidst everyman’s heart. It is for this reason and this reason only that those who have undergone the great alchemical work in our time, those who have, through self-initiation and perseverance revealed the great sacredness within, must rekindle the dying flame of the hallowed mysteries. Our time is a time of a great awakening. It is a time of rebirth. It is a time of resurrection. It is a time of healing. It is time for each man who has the will, the love, and the spirit to open wide the great occult book of knowledge and allow all hands to touch and flip through these pages and gaze upon its wise words. The resurgence of the esoteric science is desperately needed in a world of pain, suffering, ignorance, and dire straits. It is time to unveil what has been stolen and kept hidden from the common man. It is time to shine a light on the secrets in plain sight.”  Claudia Pavonis
tesla.jpg 2
Now is the time bring this back to the future, so the veiled can become seen once again….PEACE!
Lisa Rising Berry

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20 thoughts on “Meditation is the Key to Building our New Golden Age Communities.

  1. Thank you Lisa! Once again, I feel my thinking evolve and grow after reading something you wrote. Kind of like being on octogon and having another side added. O look! Now I’m an nonagon!

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  2. Hi, Lisa! I very much enjoyed this text of yours! I’m fully convinced, that you’re right about meditation and that we’re needed to do our part making a new, wonderful world! Only, I’m having having difficulties with just “sit down and meditate” – I’d like a bit of guidence… I already know your voice from the radioshows… I wonder, if you could make us a guided meditation on today’s topic? Only to get us started, to learn the practise…

    Thank you for your good work! Love & peace, Caroline

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    1. Thank you for such a nice compliment! I am happy you found the information useful. I don’t believe anyone is born with the ability to just sit still and meditate…LOL. I know I certainly wasn’t. We are so used letting our thoughts control us, instead of it being the other way around. My first suggestion is don’t get frustrated. The more non-judgmental you are about your progress, the more you will achieve. Every time you attempt to clear you head your making a difference. Start with candle gazing, or just gazing at anything. Concentrate on your breath…how it feels when it moves through your body, how your chest moves, how it sounds, and just let go of your thoughts and the world. If you can do this for just one minute, then that is great. The length of time will begin to increase and before you know it, you will not be watching the time. Time will just stand still. I actually did a guided meditation on the last episode of our show. Here is the Mixlr link. It’s not on YouTube yet. I hope you enjoy it. I plan on adding a section to this meditation on another show. Thanks for listening to us!!!!!!



  3. Thanks very much, dear Lisa.

    Just what I needed to read this morning as my practice hasn’t been up these past few days. Energies were very strong last week and that may have affected me as well as others.

    I especially like this part of Claudia Pavonis’ quote:

    “No longer do we find the band of wise brothers [and sisters] fueling the lighthouse on the horizon directing man [and woman] to the welcoming shores of the great spirit within.”

    I’m also glad I came to visit your post because Nikola Tesla’s quote didn’t make it in the email I received.

    Love & Light


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  4. Hello, Lisa, again,

    Can you please let us know how to listen to your show?

    You mentioned a link, (Here is the Mixlr link) but I don’t see any link?

    Also, how often does it air, and where?



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  5. Thank you very much, Lisa.

    I will go visit soon!

    Do you also host a live radio show?

    I’m asking because I will be hosting one early next year, and the purpose of the show is exactly what you (and especially Claudia Pavonis) talked about: the importance of going/descending within.

    The title of my show is “Nurturing the Spiritual Spelunker in All of Us.”

    More later. Things are building up.

    Love & Light,


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    1. I am the Co-host of this show…Rising Frequencies. We record as if it is live. We just started this show, so we have only done 6 episodes so far. If we can set a regular time to record every week then we can go live. We try to record every week, and we post them to facebook before they go on you tube. You can subscribe to Astrotheology Radio to receive notifications in the mail once they are You tube. We are with the School of the Holy Science, and they are looking for people to do more shows on their station. If you are interested let me know and I can give you the name of the person to contact.

      But we do not edit anything out. Good luck with your show…when you get it started be sure to send me the link.

      Much Love,


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  6. Thanks, Lisa,

    Regularity is important and live has its benefits as well – I wish you good luck for your show.

    Mine will air at 3PM EST on Thursday, every week, and it will start January 8th.

    I will look at the School of Holy Science. Never heard of them.

    Love & Light,


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  7. Thanks, Lisa, for visiting my blog.

    I looked at the description of your show; very intriguing, and much needed…especially last week!

    Your description is quite long! I am only allowed 1,000 characters.

    I have noted two small typos (letter missing in a word). Feel free to email me at “” if you’d like me to mention them to you.

    Love & Light,


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  8. Wow Lisa – what a WAKE UP call! A truly beautiful and inspiring piece of writing that i have been ‘led’ to today at a time in my life that I am ready to receive it.
    Today when I return home the first thing I will do is carve out 30 minutes to just sit and BE. Returning home…to Return Home, you might say.

    I found you because i earlier found a piece by Claudia Pavonis that LIT me up. I then began Google-Doodling to find out WHO he was and was serendipitously led to this wonder-full piece you have crafted from your Heart Space.

    Truly, deeply grateful to you for being the conduit of what i truly needed to hear once again.

    Blessing to you my dear

    Martin Satyen x

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