Galactic Free Press : On Channelings and Channelers

This is a subject I have been wanting to write about for some time, and I keep putting it off. When I look at and feel the energy coming from a Channeled message, there is something always “off”. The message is only as clear as the receiver, and I have found that individuals that find themselves with the ability to Channel stop doing inner work, and stop raising their Vibration, because they feel they have achieved a high gift, so they think they must be a very clear and advanced soul. This is not true. If your body, which is just your tool for living on this planet is not clear, your message will not be clear. Once you can connect with Universal Knowledge, you don’t need a middle man to Channel. In order to really connect to Universal Knowledge you need to vibrate at the level of that knowledge. Which, of course can only be achieved by Inner Alchemy.



A word of caution about some of the channelings that are floating around . . .  -LW

This is something that absolutely must be addressed directly if the community is going to move forward. While there’s a ton of wonderful, loving, evolved messages that are brought to us through channeling, there’s also a whole lot of information that’s very questionable, to put it nicely. I’ve lost count of all the failed predictions and the carrot-on-a-stick type promises of amazing things in the near future. Then there’s all the “behind the scenes” information that’s impossible to confirm, it has to be accepted on faith alone. Then the really odd stuff… Archangels are giving me investment advice? Pardon the French, but that just makes me say, what the f***? I can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous some of this is. Channeled messages are supposed to be super-evolved higher-consciousness information, why…

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3 thoughts on “Galactic Free Press : On Channelings and Channelers

  1. I agree but feel I would appreciate your post instead of the linked one. These type of posts usually come off not much better than the ones they complain about. I would like to encourage you to still write about the topic from your perspective.

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    1. Your right Dennis, I am going to write about this. I have personal experience with this topic, because I can Channel and chose not too. Which is why I have a lot to say about it. Well, you pulled me out of my shell a little bit more…thanks!

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