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What is Alchemy?

Just the term Alchemy makes most people think of a crazy medieval chemist stooping over arcane books trying to create actual gold from lead.  The concept of Alchemy in Modern times have been lost to fantasy and lore.  Even many of the spiritual awaken people ignore the Art of Alchemy as something misunderstood in the Ancient past, without even giving it a second thought.  The philosophies of Socrates, Aristotle and the knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians are a distant memory to most.
Aether/prana/chi/spirit/light moves through absolute everything.  We are at a point in our human time where this amazing energy is coming in at an extremely rapid rate.  It is increasing at a level that we have not experienced since the last Golden age.  Alchemy, is simply the purification of your energetic centers so that our bodies can hold more of this Aether/Light.  Without doing the work of Alchemy you can not take advantage of this energy.  No one will do our work for us.  The energy is waiting for us to do the work necessary to make room for it to live more freely within our body vessel.  On the flip side…just reading and being knowledge about Alchemy is not any better than thinking it is just superstition.  You have to actually DO the work to get the results.
Your body has 3 Cauldrons, lower, middle and upper.  Your job is to transmute those Cauldrons by cooking away what you no longer need. Clearing your blockages.  Inner fire called Tummo is the fastest method of this transformation.   Your Chakaras are each part of one of these Cauldrons.  The more you burn away, the more room you have more extra light, which will raise your vibration, and increase your ability to manifest. The three lower chakaras are the most neglected and ignored of all the chakaras.   This is because they deal with the most uncomfortable issues for us.  And the have become the most distorted.   Therefore, they require the most work. Our Lower Cauldron is our connection to the planet.  Without properly transmuting and cooking away the barriers in our lower region we will become ungrounded and unable to reach the highest levels of consciousness.  We Ascend from the bottom up.  It all begins at the root chakara.  Just as a plant grows from the root up, so do we!  So lets get cooking, and create our real internal Philosophers Stone.
Lisa Rising Berry

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3 thoughts on “What is Modern Day Alchemy?

  1. We ascend from the bottom up. Yes. That is half the journey. Next through grace the holy spirit, Higher Self, Holy Guardian Angel descend into our physical. The Ascension process preps the receptacle for the descension of the spirit.

    I did my work by following a chart I found on how to clear each chakra. I followed it and had great success. If I can find it I will add it here if possible.

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    1. That would be great Dennis if you could post it here! I would love to see that! There are so many methods to move up the ladder of Ascension. I love to see and read about all of them. They all teach the same thing…how to move upwards, but they teach from different perspectives, which I personally find helpful. We are all going to the same place…:)

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