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This is Part Two of my latest blog that I wrote several days ago.  I have never had so much physical confirmation of my work in the Spiritual Realm as I have with this huge energy event.  My previous blog started out with me on a boat in the spiritual ream and seeing missiles being shot out of the water.  The first attempt of this launch was stopped by a boat in the hazard area…well that was me!  I didn’t know why I was on a boat until now!  The veils are thinning….

The Antares Rocket was like a Delta II Rocket that contained the Long Tank Thor, which is like a Ballistic Missile.  Notice how they abuse the name of Thor…. We, the good guys, set off our own Ballistic Missiles from a boat in the area of the spiritual realm.  The entire planet has a spiritual realm equivalent to it…As above, So below.  I do my work on the spiritual realm of Earth.  We are using the correct form of Nuclear Energy to create the 5th Element of Aether in large amounts on this planet.  It is this 5th Element that will not let their plans get off the ground anymore.  I also wrote more about Aether in a previous blog.
There is so much damage in the area that I don’t think they will be able to recover from this for a long time.
We have been in Scorpio Energy for a long time now with different alignments.  Antares is the bright red star in the center of Scorpio.  It is the heart of Scorpio, the most powerful sign of the zodiac, and is represented by the fires of transformation.  The name of this rocket was no mistake.  On a spiritual level I feel this was a feeble attempt to change frequency of Scorpio’s transformation frequency.  Kind of like a Dark Ritual against Scorpio, by blowing up the heart of this zodiac sign.
                                                antares scorpio
 We are the ones that WE have been waiting for…and WE are back on this planet and THEY are done.
We plan on discussing this in more detail on our next Radio Show which is on Astrotheology Radio, in association with the School of the Holy Science….here is a link to our most recent show where Andrea and I discuss Antares and it’s relation to Scorpio and how it links to our sacral chakara.  We did not have any knowledge of this Rocket prior to our recording.
Lisa Rising Berry

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5 thoughts on “Antares Rocket Launch stopped by Quantum Alchemy

  1. Thank you…It took courage for me to share my experiences. I just recently started this blog. I am so happy that more people are “coming out of the closet”. We need more and more people to do the same…perhaps even you. We all have our own crazy out of this world (literally) experiences, and they all contribute to the process of putting the puzzles pieces of what is going on in our Universe together. 🙂


  2. ahhhh…. you know us guys, we ain’t so good at that sharing things. As “George the poet” say’s….. “we wear that shit in our stride”…..
    I share as much as I can. Perhaps over a beer, but I would get emotional, so I probably wouldn’t…. some things go too deep, not that they can’t be healed! but you know.
    Anyway I will catch you in the future, I hear New York maybe the place to live…… soon 😉

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