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This recent experience I had on the Astral/spiritual realm occurred October 12, 2014, and it has been the most confusing one I have had in a long time.  It deals with Aether and Nuclear energy.  I have a lot to say, and this is so involved.  I will do my best to fully explain what I feel is true, based on my Astral Experience, combined with Gematria, and the research that just fell into my lap as I asked the right questions.  So here we go….keep an open mind, and always… take what resonates and leave the rest.


I will first tell you exactly what I was doing on the Astral on Oct. 12.  I was on a boat facing the stern (back of the boat), we were moving about 30 mph.  I am a boater, so I know speeds on the water very well.  I saw 4 large Nuclear missiles being shot from the water.  One right after the other, in the direction of the North West.  They were a few seconds apart.  This direction is very important, as I explained in a previous blog about the element of Aether.  My words to the other people on the boat were exactly…”This is not a drill, this is the real thing”.  I repeated that several times.  Then I woke up in my 3D body.  This was not a negative event at all, it was positive.  Which confused me, because, when I think of missiles, I don’t exactly get a good 3D feeling.  Then the next morning, I received a Facebook message from a new friend, and she told me, that when she was asleep, she heard a nuclear explosion.  Wow…what are the chances of me working on the Astral with nuclear missiles and a friend hearing them go off the same night?  I told her of my experience, to let her know that I did not get a bad feeling from it at all.  She felt the same, she did not feel any negativity either.  So I just sat with this for a while, I knew more information would follow.

Then one morning, I woke up with this experience heavy on my mind, and this was the time when Comet Siding Spring was moving through Scorpio to make it’s pass by the planet Mars.  Mars plays the role of war in our matrix.  Whether we like it or not, duality exists here on Earth, and we came here to experience this crazy ride.  I knew this Comet would have a huge effect on Mars once it passed and it did.  We witnessed the flashing of the explosions on Mars on many videos on YouTube.  Comets contain the elements of evolution, and Mars has been greatly effected by this.  It’s polarity has shifted a bit, which means the frequency it sends to us has changed as well.  This will play an important role in the bringing down of our current systems.  As above will manifest in the as below.  So I decided to do the Gematria for siding spring, and it came up 445.  Right away I got excited…the mirror image of this number is 4555, and this a is very important, as I learned though Bill Donahue’s research.  I wrote about this connection to our Universe before I started this blog, but I will re-cap it and apply it to this current experience.  I decided to search 445 and Bill Donahue and I got his 445th video that he uploaded to YouTube and it is titled….445 Atom & Eve Atom & You!  Wow, it’s about Nuclear/Atomic Energy, and how this energy is within us.  The splitting of the Atom is related to Adam and the birth of our creation.  I knew then, I needed to begin my research about this experience with the number 4555 and the Book of the IEOU, as they are related.  What I found was amazing.  Nuclear Energy in it’s correct polarity gives birth to Aether, which is New Clear Energy, for our new Golden Age.

This begins in the Galaxy of 4555, which is in the Constellation Comma-Mother and Child…the Constellation of birth.  Comma is in the zodiac sign of Virgo…representing the Virgin Mother of creation.  We are returning to a New Genesis with the beginning of a new 26,000 year cycle.  This energy event I took part in is bringing, or birthing us out of our Iron Age Comma.

The Book of the IEOU is where the number 4555 is discussed.  There is so much juicy information in the Book of the IEOU, but I am not going to go into that in this blog.  The meanings of each of the letters of the IEOU are what relates to this experience.  I = the symbol in electricity for current,   E= the symbol for Electron,  O= the symbol for Ohm, U= the symbol for eternal energy.  Now, going back to my first search of 445 and Bill Donahue’s video about Atom & Eve, which Adam is our first man of creation.  It is apparent that the energy coming from 4555 is creating our new splitting of the Atom, and creating our new Adam, for our New Genesis.  The energy of the IEOU, is changing our bodies from 666 (6 protons, 6 electrons, 6 neutrons) to 888, which is the Christ Consciousness /Aether that is emerging on this planet.  I go into more detail about the 5th element of Aether in a different blog post.  Atomic Nuclear energy is part of our internal energy.  When you break the word Nuclear down you can see the deeper meaning.  “Nu” means frequency, then we are left with “clear”…so the deeper and balanced meaning of Nuclear is,  frequency clear.  On this planet, we have mostly experienced the negative polarity of this energy.  But everything has a positive and negative polarity following the Principal of Polarity in the Kybalion.  Which states that all manifested things have two sides, two aspects and two poles.

When applying the Ancient Science of Gematria to all of this is just mind blowing!  The Gematria for October Twelve, which is the night of my experience, we get, with Jewish Gematria 2020.  22 frequency relates to the Master builder, and, when you have two zeros in this result, it further strengthens it. This is due to the fact that when you take a zero and twist it, you have the infinity symbol, with no beginning and no end, like the circle.  But the MOST ASTOUNDING Gematria result came from the value of Nuclear Energy, which seals the deal on my experience, and has proven to me that my conclusion is correct.  The English Gematria result for Nuclear Energy is 888!!!!!!!!!  The number for Christ Consciousness, Aether etc….  Nuclear Energy gives birth to Aether, and I will show the science about this next.

I needed to find the left brain Science to make this experience and blog balanced, and as always, the Universe responded to my request, and the following research paper came to me.  Now, I need to briefly recap what I wrote in one of my previous blogs about the 5th Element of Aether. Aether, is also called Dark Energy, because the 5th Element of Aether is simply the color black, it is the void of creation, I am actually able to see this energy coming into this planet at a density and rate that has not been seen before. The paper that I used for my science research to further explain my conclusion is titled “Genesis of Dark  Energy:  Dark Energy as a Consequence of Cosmological Nuclear Energy”  By Professor R.C. Grupa

of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (I.E.T)  Notice how the author uses  the word Genesis as his first word of his paper.  Aether/Dark Energy is creating our new beginning our New Genesis, our New Clear Energy.  Here is a portion of what his paper has to say.  I will provide a link to his paper in it’s entirety for those who are interested.  I enjoyed reading it very much.

I am going quote certain sentences from his paper to support my experience.  I was shocked how the writer even refers to the concept of Mother and Child in relation to the creation of Dark Matter/Aether in his paper.  This connects to the Constellation Comma which I referred to earlier in this blog.

“Dark energy in fact is the released nuclear binding energy of cosmos. Dark energy is born during in the early universe out of ‘mother’ matter present there, when while the nucleo-synthesis (of say, Helium) liberates the binding energy as the ‘child’ but the child is trapped in or around mother’s lap and remains almost dormant for long period and moves parallel to
mother’s foot-steps.  Thus at Z =80, the dark energy (child) is released free from mother’s

constrained-protection.  At Z=Zn =10  during nucleo-synthesis era birth of dark energy takes place.

So basically, Dark Energy/Aether is created from the Nuclear Binding process.  I saw Nuclear missiles Rising from the Waters of Creation.  Which in 3D language means Gaia’s water broke and she gave birth to Clear Nuclear Energy that will further create more Aether for our New Genesis, our New Beginning.



I feel it’s almost time to pass out cigars and celebrate the birth of our New World we are creating.



Here is the link to the research paper……


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