Last night,  I had the most amazing and unusual experience on the spiritual/astral ream.  I participated in an Ancient Ayahuasca Ceremony.  I was with a group of people at a spiritual school, it was in a log cabin type of a building in the woods.  I was one of the speakers, as well as a student.  The atmosphere was amazing, it felt so good to be in the presence of such high vibrating beings.  Then we were separated into two separate groups.  When I was with my group, I heard the word Ayahuasca, so I knew what was next.  I don’t remember seeing the plant or even taking it.  On the Astral things are done differently.  I felt the energy enter me, and then I was seeing all kinds of colors and shapes that don’t exist on the planet.  I have never felt like this before.  I saw strange energy coming off the bodies of the others in my group etc… Then I felt myself just open up and receive loads of information.  When it was over I woke up in my 3D body, and I was vibrating like a tuning fork.  It was just so peaceful and nice, I didn’t want this feeling to end.  But, alas, all good things must come to an end, and the tuning fork feeling slowly dissipated.

Now, I am left to ponder the following questions…Will my physical 3D body enjoy the benefits of the Ayahausaca Ceremony?  After all, it took place on the Astral and not here in the physical world.  Will the Principal of Correspondence play a role in this.  As Above, So Below?  I certainly hope the effects will manifest in my 3D body.  Time will tell for sure…until then I will have to just wait and see.

Lisa Rising Berry

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7 thoughts on “Ayahuasca on the Astral Realm

  1. Your body produces DMT and you experience it every time you sleep. Ayahausaca is for the 3D brain, to break away the seals that stop you from mystical experiences. Mystical experiences are common for you. But since you have been wondering about the Ayahausaca ceremony, you experienced one in the astral.

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  2. Thanks Dennis…I know I produce DMT when I sleep, that is how I Astral Travel all the time, and remember it. Traditional we have been taught that Ayahausaca is for the 3D brain only, so I agree. However, I feel what I
    experienced was different, things are changing and what we knew to be true has changed. My brain produced a chemical that I have not experienced before. So, you really made me think. Even though I heard the word Ayahausaca, perhaps that is not what it really was. I know what my body feels like to produce DMT…and this felt entirely different. It is a new chemical in my brain that was released. I just don’t know what it’s called. Thanks for your comment.

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    1. Chemicals are used to create a specific vibration in the body. I’m suggesting that what you experienced was a new frequency and not a chemical. You traversed another step.

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      1. LOL…well of course… Excellent point…. There is only energy and frequency, that is what everything is made of. Nothing is solid, we just give it names to identify it easier. But, when I wrote the blog I had to give a name to this new frequency that I unlocked, so to me in my Astral state I called it Ayahuasca. That is why I wrote that I didn’t see any plants, I only felt the energy. I know that even the computer I am using right now, is not a “computer”…it’s a wave of energy, that we see as a solid and call it the computer. Which is very trippy….like DMT. LOL Thanks Dennis, I love talking to you!:)

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  3. I have never taken it myself. One of my sisters, however, has taken it a number of times. When she came back from peru, a few months ago, she brought me this beautiful hand stitched cloth with a specific pattern in the background that she says is the Native Peoples representation of Ayahuasca. I remember thinking I wanted to try meditating on the pattern to see what it brought me. I forgot about it until your post. Now I will make time and do it! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. I am actually not sure if I would want to take it in the physical….because I travel so much to these other places without it, that I would be afraid I would go too far and get lost or something! LOL.. I get lost when I drive here in 3D all the time…:)


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