I have been having some very interesting experiences lately, so I decided to share them.  Normally, I can really understand what they are about, but this time I am left scratching my head.  Since I don’t have enough pieces of the puzzle I contemplated not sharing, however, I feel that I am not alone, and more of us need to speak our truth.

On October 7th, the night before the eclipse, I finished recording a radio show with my friend Andrea, it was our first show together, and the energy was very high in my house.  About 2 hours later my husband and I were relaxing in our family room when we hear a very loud band.  He ran into the kitchen and there was smoke coming out from the sides of our dishwasher.  It was an electrical fire.  He tried to shut it down by using the buttons and by opening the door…well, no such luck.  he ran into our basement and had to throw the breaker switch that controlled the dishwasher.  At first I though it was either just our dumb luck or the energy in the house was too high.  After my walk-in experience my energy would turn off the lights in our house…fry electronics etc…  It was frustrating until I learn how to settle in.

That night, I saw on the spiritual realm,  I saw several things that were like re-set buttons being placed in different locations, each with a different description, that I could not read fast enough.  Then, the next morning,  a Facebook friend had an electrical experience with her dishwasher as well.  Then another Facebook friend message me saying she was woke up several times with the sound of electricity popping in her head.  I signed onto Skype to talk to Andrea about all of this and she told me she could not shut off the electricity to her son’s computer, and they had to unplug it.  Then we laughed because we remember while we were recording our show her iPhone kept talking (Siri).

About a couple of hours later yet another friend was talking about a similar subject on her Facebook page, I shared my dishwasher story, and she informed me that the NY Subway was down for a while due to…you guess it…electrical problems.

Now, I know for a fact we had some kind of big energetic event involving the Earth’s electromagnetic’s field.  Lisa Gawlas does a good job explaining what she is seeing right now in her blog.  I am sure that the large increase of Aether that is taking place on the planet right now played a huge role in this energetic event.

The second experience is a “very out there” experience, even for me…the queen of weird!  LOL…  This experience I felt and saw on the spiritual realm and, as well as our 3D realm (Earth)  While I was lucid on the spiritual realm I saw myself in a mirror, my 3D arms were wrapped tightly around by mid-section.  I was waving my arms up and down but the 3D more solid arms were not moving.  I looked further and I saw a second pair of arms moving up and down, in the exact same way I was trying to move my 3D arms.  The arms I saw and felt moving were not as solid as the ones wrapped around my mid section.  I did not feel like I was growing a second set of arms, but it felt like I was busting out of the old 3D arms and into something new…hmmmm!!!  If I hadn’t seen and felt it, I would have never believed it.

But after I woke up, I began to rationalize my experience, which is something I never do, but this was “out there” for me.  The next night I was on the spiritual realm when a healer pulled out a very long and skinny crystal-like thing from my right index finger.  It really hurt, and I complained, so,  I was told it was time…that’s it.

I was left with the feeling of time for what?  Then my body slowly started to hummmmm, like it was hit with a tuning fork.  This woke me up, and continued while I laid in my bed with my eyes closed.

It felt great, much better than when they pulled the thin crystal out of my finger.  I was laying on my side enjoying the slowly decreasing hummmm feeling when all of a sudden I felt the arm that was laying on my side twitch.  However, my physical arm did not move one single inch.  But the new arm of light moved a lot.

So, at this point I connected with my guides/team and I was told that the thin crystal that was removed from my finger was relocated, and it was time.  I was also told that humanity is getting new bodies…yes…that is what I said, and I am starting to play with mine. I experienced the “As Above” spiritual/astral version, and the “As below” physical experience. I have so many questions, but they are not being answered at this time.  I have zero idea when we will fully have and be able to see and use these new bodies.  Will we get them in a blink of an eye?  Or will they just be new light bodies and slowly evolve the physical 3D bodies we currently have.  I don’t know, but I do know this is why we are being demanded to get rid of what no longer serves us.  The new bodies are not compatible with the old frequencies of fear and anger etc…  Change or be changed is the name of the game now.

I can honestly say that Out with the Old and in With the New, has taken on a whole different meaning for me right now.  Are you ready for a new body to use as your tool for experiencing the new incoming reality?  If so, then dump the old issues to make room for the new.  OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW!!!!!

Lisa Rising Berry

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