fire in the sky

I had a very interesting experience on the spirit realm, this weekend that made zero sense to me until today.  I remembered this morning about the Fire Trine on 10/6 followed by the 2nd Blood Moon on the 8th.  Then the information just poured into me.  I am so excited to share this!

Fire is a very important element of transformation, and this includes the spiritual realms.  Which is where it all begins before it’s mirrored back to 3D Earth.  I am not going to dive deep into Astrology, I will only touch on the topic.  I will let the reader do that work themselves.   I am going to relate my direct experiences to what I feel is actually going on in our lives here on the planet.  On October 6th we will feel the full blast of the Grande Fire Trine, which will add fuel to the flames of removing what no longer serves us.  By that I mean this current reality we are looking at.  It is disappearing, because we are moving to a higher frequency, however, it must be removed and transmuted first, and fire is the way it will be done.  During my trip to the spiritual realm this weekend, (which I prefer to do while sleeping, I will go in short trips while awake, but I really don’t like it as much), I witnessed our current reality being set on fire.  I saw people with torches setting fire to what is left of our current reality.  As those of us who are awake, and on the path know…. there are people who don’t want this reality to go away.  They are happy with the way things are because they vibrate a low-level and they can not feel what is coming next.  There is no shame in this, it’s just where they are on their journey. I have zero judgment of them, and I love them all.   They are not dumb or evil, but they are quite stubborn and they are getting in the way, simply because they don’t understand.  As the people light the current reality on fire, the transformation began, and I could see the reality disappear before my eyes.  I had to help the people who were clinging onto the old, move on.  I was on the surface on the reality as it was crumbling under our feet, and I guided the people not wanting to leave to a new location.  They will be taken to a new place where they can continue 3D school until they complete and graduate.  Which is perfectly fine, we will all make graduation, but not all at the same time, as past timelines predicted.  Once the people I helped were safe, I saw fire trucks arrive.  They were not putting out the fires yet, they were just waiting.  Then I realized they were there for the next phase which will occur with the Blood Moon on 4/4/2015.  This is when I looked up the dates of the first Blood Moon to see if I had any profound experiences on the spiritual realms around the date of 4/15/14, and I did.  This is when I was able to put the actual meaning about the Blood Moons together.

I just explained what I experienced this weekend, which is in relation to the second Blood Moon of 10/8/14.  Now I am going to share with you what I experienced on the spirit realm and the physical realm that will explain what the first Blood Moon did for us.  This is an excerpt from my journal.  This experience occurred on 4/23/14, 8 days after the first Blood Moon on 4/15/14.  The first Blood Moon jump started our shift into the new higher frequency.  We took a huge leap that day, and now it is beginning to make sense to me.

Here is my blog entry from April 23, 2104.  I will tell you that this is 100% true, and just reading about it can’t begin to explain the full energetic event I went through that day.

Around 10:00 a.m. I was working on-line, and I was overcome by a huge, I mean HUGE wave a nausea.  I got extremely dizzy.  I tried to fight it off, saying to myself that it will pass because it came on so quickly.  I tried to keep on working for about 5 minutes or so, when I felt like I was going to vomit.  I have a fear of throwing up, so this got my attention.  I knew I had to get to bed quickly and lay down.  I called Fred (my hubby, who is just like me), because I could tell this was not a sickness, it came on way too fast and was increasing at a rapid rate.  At this point I could barely talk because of the room spinning.  We connected to our guides and discovered there is a new energy coming in that we can feel in our gut.  So, I was told to put a barrier between me and the Earth so I would not feel it so heavily.  I did and my nausea went away in a matter of minutes.  I was still a little dizzy and just exhausted.  I never get tired during the day or take power naps, so this is highly unusual for me.

I fell asleep, and entered my lucid state of consciousness on and off.  Which lasted for about 3 1/2 hours.  I experienced my body having a tingling energy come through it that I am familiar with, but not at this rate, it was almost non-stop, like electricity moving through my body.  I shook, twitched, shivered as well, it wouldn’t stop.   I heard a sound I am also familiar with which is a metal screeching sound.  But today I heard it about 15 times or more.  I also heard different beeps, air swishing around in my head, different tones,  changing frequencies, and something like someone breathing in my ear.  I was lucid in my bed, awake with my eyes closed.  I kept this altered state of consciousness going even when I woke up, but I didn’t open my eyes or I would lose it.  It was very uncomfortable.  I was able to see my nightstand which was behind me, just like if I had eyes behind my head.  I didn’t have to turn my head to see it like I normally have to do when I am in my room in a lucid state.  I saw a box that was divided into about 6 small squares that had a squiggly line at the bottom, like it was off-line and rebooting or something.

After I got up I felt weird but I could function.  Later, after my husband came home from work, we were in the kitchen, when he was hit with the same intense wave of nausea that I was hit with.  He was standing at the time and he grabbed onto the wall, because he became so dizzy.  He put up the same barrier that I did, and felt well enough to eat a little.  He felt weird like I did, but could function.

Then the most outrageous, coolest, completely out there sci-fi experience happened to both of us.  After dinner I was in the family room putting on my Essential Oils to help me feel better, and my hubby was in the Kitchen watching one of our favorite sitcoms.  I was listening in the family room, but I didn’t have on the TV.  We always record this show, so when he came into the family room, I wanted to enjoy it a second time, since I only listened to it, and didn’t actually see the show.  After it was over he got on the computer, and read his work e-mail.  He said…. I have an e-mail in my sent folder that I don’t exactly remember sending, and I don’t remember responding with the words I typed.   LOL!!!  So, he did not send this mail…we have just entered the Twilight Zone.  But, it gets better….then he made the comment….the show that we just watched was not the one I saw while I was in the kitchen.  I jumped in and said I know….we both starting saying at the same time that many of the jokes were completely different.  The plot of the sitcom was the same, but what they said was not the same at all.  We both noticed this.  We then connected to our guides and found out that today we completely separated from the old timeline and we are only in the new.  Which is also why we were so sick.  My son who is clairvoyant times 1,000 can see this new energy coming into the Earth.  So, we are not in Kansas anymore.  We have moved to a different reality, and the old is dissolving.  We actually witnessed with our own physical senses, a dramatic shift in the collective reality!  It is definitely…. 100%…..not the same!

The numerology for the first Blood Moon is 2.  We leads me to feel, it really started us on the way to closing the gap of extreme duality on the planet.  The numerology for the second Blood Moon to come this October 8, is a 7.  Which is connected to the 7 chakras.  We transmute the energy of our personal chakras with the practice of Tummo, using the element of fire to remove what no longer serves us.  I saw this being done to our current reality.  Now that brings us to the 3rd Blood Moon to come on 4/4/15, this is also the frequency of 7.  However, it will be the new chakra system for the Earth coming online at that time. And it will contain the 5th element of Aether.   As soon as I saw the fires of transformation being light, many firetrucks pulled up.  But, they didn’t take any action to put the fires out, which I didn’t understand at the time.  Now I do, they are waiting for the right time to distinguish them.  Once fire and water make a union on the spiritual realm a special kind of stream is created.  It’s called Aether/Quintessence/Christ Consciousness and is the 5th element needed to bring us into the next frequency.  It is the spirit.  We need a lot of this to bring us into the new energy.  The color associated with this energy is black.  Which is the void of creation.  Once the Earth covered with this black energy of the 5th element of creation…a new reality will be birthed.  I can see this black energy coming in very slowly, and it will increase as we go through the process.  I never knew why it was black until I did a lot of research on the qualities of Aether/Quintessence.  The numerology for the last Blood Moon which will occur on 9/29/2015…one year from now is nine.  Which is the number that represents consciousness.  I don’t have any more information about the last Blood Moon other than what the numbers tell me.

Back to the 5th element of Quintessence….In physics Quintessence is a hypothetical form of dark energy that is accelerating the Universe.  It’s call dark energy simply because it is the color black.  It can only be seen on the spirit realm, and I can tell you that it really is black/dark and it is here and increasing rapidly.  This energy is the total game changer for our reality.  This energy is also referred to as the Holy Ghost.  The most popular word, I feel is the God Particle.

So there you have it, as I see and have experienced it on the spiritual realm and in the physical.  We indeed have fires in the skies, and we are about the witness the biggest shift of consciousness this planet has ever seen.

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Peace and Blessings,

Lisa Rising Berry


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