A couple of weeks ago, while I was in my Lucid dream time, I entered into my altered state of consciousness and projected onto the astral level of my home.  Which is one of my favorite places I like to project too.  When I am there I can really see what is going on energetically in my home, and I really clean house and get rid of any unwanted energies.

However, this time was very different.  First thing I saw was the time on my digital clock go blank, and I saw my window was open.  I didn’t think anything about it, I closed my window and laid back down to relax.  Then I woke up and was still on the Astral level of my home and my window was open again.  Remember everything I am writing about took place in a lucid dream on the astral.

I thought to myself…”I just closed this, why is it open again?”.  Then I picked up my cell phone to see what time it was because my digital clock was still blank, but the electricity was still on.  (remember this is occurring on the Astral level not 3D level).  I saw the date on my phone stay the same, but the time started to move forward at an extremely rapid rate.  I became very disoriented, I couldn’t get my footing.  It took awhile, but I was able to maintain my Astral state of consciousness.  Then my phone clock stopped at 8:40 a.m.  I knew this was not right because I entered into my Astral state just a little after midnight, and it was pitch black outside even though the time was 8:40 a.m.  My digital clock was now showing the same time.

I knew time was being worked on right away.  I went into my son’s room and he was sitting at his desk with a frustrated look on his face.  He knew what was going on…  It showed it was 8:40 a.m. and he was not supposed to be home, but it was pitch black outside, and he didn’t get enough rest.  So I told him to get into the car, and we drove around the neighborhood to see what everything looked like.  We saw large gold circles with scared geometry in them moving on the ground, and the sky was a mix of various shades of purple.  Then I woke up in my bedroom on the 3D level.  My energy felt like it was spinning in circles for days.

My close friends told me they don’t feel like it’s 2014 anymore, and they didn’t understand why.  Once I shared my piece of the puzzle with them, it all made sense.  Then a week after this experience, I went back to the Astral level of my bedroom and I was floating in the air just moving in a circle around my room.  The only thing I remember saying is…”I am so tired”.  Then I woke up in my 3D bedroom.

This was the first major timeline shift we experienced.  It was necessary so the Aether which is black and purple energy could come into the planet in greater quantity.

From what I can put together so far is, that I witnessed time moving forward in a spiral in this 3D reality, which was a major time lime shift or really a jump.   Time as we experienced it here on Earth feels linear.  Well, this has changed.  It makes sense, due to the fact that we are starting a new paradigm.  We are essentially starting with Genesis all over again, so we need to experience time in a new way for this shift to occur.  This will have a dramatic effect on current events. It seems they will occur differently and we will feel differently about them, since we will feel time differently.  Our whole experience on this planet will no longer be the same.  I for one, am very happy about that.

Time is an illusion, this we know…however, how we feel and experience time in our physical reality is very complicated and hard for us to wrap our heads around this concept.  Anyone who claims to fully understand how time works is just kidding themselves.  After going through this experience, I feel we have been moved forward somehow energetically in time, but the date we use “appears” to be the same.  We could actually be in future energy….if this is the case, then our abilities of manifesting have increased significantly.  The lag time from thought to 3D is very short now.  Shorter than it has ever been.

If your having a very hard time keeping track of time lately, this may be why.  I don’t feel everyone will be experiencing this yet.  It depends on what your choice is according to your own spiritual journey.  It’s also very hard to explain what this feels like.  But I don’t believe like we are in the energy of 2014 anymore.

Round and Round we go, where we stop….nobody knows!

Lisa Rising Berry

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