FINDING SPIRITUALITY IN THE ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE

We live in a Universe that is governed by many Principles.  One of which is the Principle of Correspondence, As Above, So Below…As With in, so Without.  I apply this to my everyday life.  So, when I first heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge, I knew there was a lot more to this event than meets the eye.  And the “eye” is actually involved here. Once I started to use my psychic intuition and set my intention to receive information about this…the flood gates open up, and of course water is involved as well.
After I started to receive information, I came up with the conclusion.  I thought I would keep this to myself, because many are not be ready to hear this.  Some are not ready to take responsibility for their spiritual path and they are stuck in the polarity of blaming team Dark for all the ills in the world.  This event is NOT negative, but it is a wake up call for transformation.  After I figured out what was going on…IMHO….I then started relating it to Gematria and Astrology.  When I use Gematria, I not only look at the numbers as a whole, but I also look at how they are paired and add them together and reduce them for even deeper meaning.  I also found words that were a Mathematical Vibrational Match to the ones that pertain to this event.  This is my personal method for finding physical confirmation of what I perceive with my Inner Knowing.
I will say, that this event is an Occulted one.  Occult meaning hidden, not evil.  Most people do not know the real meaning of Occult, they believe what they have been told.  Which is, that the word Occult is of the devil and you should stay away from it.  Why do you think we have been told this.  Simple…it is an attempt to keep us away from the true Occulted/Hidden Knowledge and just look the other way and avoid the devil.    If you just look at the surface of this event, you will be lead down the conspiracy theory path and that is not where the pearls of wisdom lie.  So, this is for those with ears to hear and eyes to see.  Take what resonates and leave the rest. I am sure this post will ruffle many feathers.   I will post the words and the Gematria equivalent, as well as the words and the Vibrational match at the end of each concept.  I used the Math and the Vibrational Match Words to back up my Hypothesis of what this event is about and what it is leading up to.  The numbers that resonated with me for this event are 2’s, 8’s, 7’s, and 17 because of the angle of the current alignments, and the ever popular 111
We are currently deep in Scorpio energy which is about transformation, re-birth with water and fire.  Scorpio is a fixed water sign, however, it also represents the Eagle/Phoenix.  The Phoenix that rose up from the ashes.  The concept of Baptism by Water and Fire is taking place here.  This is a Purification Ritual that involves the Pineal Gland, your psychic “eye”.  This event is symbolically Waking People UP, by dumping ice cold water from a bucket on the top of their head, which is the Crown Chakara. We have just finished going through the Lions Gate, so I decided to do the math on this….The Vibrational Match for Lion’s Gate is Kether, which is the Crown in Kabbalah.   We all know that water can be programmed with vibrations.  So I feel the current planetary alignments are programming the water with the necessary frequency to Wake them UP.
We have a new moon in Virgo, it’s symbol is the moon at the crown.  (where the water is being poured)  When I did the Gematria for Virgo, the vibrational word match that caught my eye was…Raise of the Dead Utterance.  In Ancient Egypt Orisis was raised from the dead with the use of the Djed.  For me, raising up from the dead is symbolic for waking up spiritually, and not to be taken literally. The Djed symbolizes the spinal column, and was a rod that was used on the spine to wake up the central nervous system.  The Vibrational match for the word Djed is Infinity.
OK, so far the words and the Gematria are as follows….Purification Ritual =222  The word Vibrational word match for Ritual is “eye”.  Bucket = 320 (3+2=5) Pineal Gland = 320 (3+2=5), Challenge =402 and the Word Vibrational Match is “Magolalegna” which is the original version of Magdalene. Water is also = 402 and the Vibrational Word Match is “Ark of the Covenant”.  The Ark of the Covenant is in your head, mind.  There is a lot of research done on this topic. The letter V = 22 and 700.  Cold = 77  Ice = 17 (1+7=8)  Wake Up = 77 and Nervous System = 111
Now, I mentioned the symbolic baptism by water, but now lets look at fire, since Scorpio is also associated with the fire of transformation.  I decided to do the math for the word comet.  I have been having visions of a comet coming directly at my head or crown.  I see comets as a ball of fire. The Gematria for comet is 188 (1+8+8) =17  Also 8 is the infinity loop.  The Vibrational Word Match for comet is “Iris” which is a part of the eye.  It’s obvious that the third eye is symbolically in play here.  When you wake up…you open your eyes.  Your third is activated by inner fire created by the practice of Tummo.
Here are more words…the Vibrational Word Match for Tummo = “eye”  The Gematria for Baptize Fire = 777  Fire = 228, I separated these….22 is important as well as 8.  Crown Chakara = 1177, again I separated these for deeper meaning and (1+1+7+7=16 (1+6=7)
To take this a step further, the simple act of dumping cold water on the top of your head has effects to your nervous system.  According to James Zachy PHD at the University of Chicago Medical Center, “When we expose people to Ice Water they perform better on standard alertness test.  Logically, by dumping ice cold water on your head you will Wake UP…  The cold water causes the release of Noradrenaline, which is a hormone transmitter that is most responsible for concentration.  It activates the noradrenergic neurons in thela brain to form a neurotransmitter system that manifests in increased alertness and arousal.
And lastly….   (ALS) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body. The progressive degeneration of the motor neurons in ALS eventually leads to their death.  The words, Leads to death, spiritually mean something to me symbolically.  If people on this planet do not spiritual wake up by going though the actual inner and real baptism by water and fire they will stay asleep and not wake up.  This will lead to a spiritual death, they will be unconsciousness and still asleep.
The last words I looked at were…awake which = 17 and the Vibrational Word Match is “Jeheshua”.  Sheeple = 70 (7+0=7)  
And the very last word  ALS = 111  The number 111 is associated with cosmic wake up call.
I will leave you with this….“I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire:” ~ Matthew


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